89Sabers-2022 Of The OB3.5 Lightsaber

89Sabers-2022 of The OB3.5 lightsaber

Modern lightsabers often come with fantastic lighting effects and as the franchise has developed and more characters have been introduced, we now have more variety than ever when it comes to blade colors and designs. Some kits even have mix-and-match components to them so that customers can create their own designs that aren't inspired by a particular character.

If you’re looking for an 89saber with cool appearance and sound and light effects then luckily here is an option of CCSabers listed below.

89Sabers OB3.5 Proffieboard Neopioxel Lightsaber

89Sabers-2022 of The OB3.5 lightsaber

The OB3.5 lightsaber is a very classic style. This Obi-Wan 3.5 is the latest appearance in the TV series. It is a new appearance composed of OB3 and OB4 lightsaber parts. 89 uses the same production and processing technology as movie props. 89 also uses the same materials, plus the current better surface detail processing technology, to accurately reproduce the size and detailed appearance of movie props. The lightsaber body is machined from custom carbon steel and high-quality brass, polished and plated with pure gold, never fades, and the parts are exquisite and delicate to ensure that every detail is impeccable.

The chassis inside the lightsaber is made of 3D-printed nylon. It is the circuit support skeleton. The chassis is durable, beautiful, and easy to use.

The Proffieboard V2.2 soundboard is an open-source chip with powerful functions. The Proffie soundboard has been continuously updated and designed with more light effects and gameplay functions.

Features of the Proffieboard V2.2

  • Optimize the smooth swing performance, the lightsaber sound effect is smooth, clear, and loud.
  • Optimize the coordination of light and sound effects, very sensitive and no delay. Power-on, power-off, strike, swing, and thrust have corresponding sound effects.
  • Optimize the chip memory and add the power-on self-test function to the chip.
  • Added lightsaber rotation power-on, thrust power-on, and action power-on functions.
  • Add the function of changing the color of the lightsaber. By rotating the lightsaber, you can choose the blade color from the infinity color ring.
  • Added lightsaber volume adjustment function.
  • Light effect introduction: pure color blade, flame blade, electromagnetic light effect, gradient color, flashing light effect. Update 8 sets of new light effects, and increase the burst flash effect. (Light effects refer to flowing light, flashes, gradients, flames, etc. Colors refer to red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.)