A Brief History Of Rey's Lightsaber

A Brief History Of Rey's Lightsaber

As with many other Star Wars characters, there's still a lot to reveal about Rey. The protagonist of the sequel to the Star Wars trilogy is an interesting character to study. She is a Jedi Knight, carrying the legacy of all Jedi Knights on a new journey. Just like her, Rey's lightsaber is a complete mystery. As seen in the sequel, she wields multiple lightsabers until the finale.

While we wish there were more movies about Rey, let's talk about some fun facts we didn't know about Rey's lightsaber and herself.

Rey Skywalker

Rey is a young scavenger girl living alone in the desert of Jakku. She survived on that resource-poor planet by selling garbage to garbage dealers. Rey's real name is Kira. The name originally came from George Lucas in his book "The Last Jedi". Actress Daisy Ridley said the actor changed her name. She didn't know the name had been changed to Rey until the filming of The Force Awakens. Here we go. She didn't know until director JJ Abrahams told her about it after filming started.

Kira fits George Lucas' preferred Japanese names, like Luke's. But now Rey also sounds perfect to fans.

Rey Skywalker had a difficult childhood, but a great destiny awaited her. After finding Luke's lightsaber, she became a Jedi Knight. Both Leia and Luke trained her, and she finished the Dark Menace and killed Palpatine forever. Rey wields multiple lightsabers before and after killing Palpatine. Let's discuss everything before Rey's lightsaber and her lightsaber colors and meanings.


A Brief History Of Rey's Lightsaber

Rey's lightsaber color

Let's check out all of Rey's lightsabers and the details of where she got them.

Rey's blue lightsaber

Rey's first lightsaber was Luke's blue lightsaber, also known as the Skywalker lightsaber. Luke Skywalker lost this lightsaber in Cloud City during his battle with Darth Vader. Skywalker Rey found it in a castle some twenty years after the events of Cloud City.

She wields Luke's blue lightsaber in all three episodes of the sequel trilogy. Rey is no Jedi expert. She doesn't have any training in the first episode. Still, she has access to the Force and can even defeat Kylo Ren with this Blue Rey lightsaber.

Rey's yellow lightsaber

She has a standard yellow lightsaber. If we look closely, Rey's yellow lightsaber looks more like an original design. She made the handle herself from some metal parts. She is very knowledgeable about scrap parts and how to utilize them. Where he got the yellow Khyber crystals, however, is a mystery.

Luke Skywalker once wielded a yellow lightsaber after losing his blue one. Rey uses his first lightsaber. Chances are she also found his yellow lightsaber somewhere and decided to use it.

Rey's yellow lightsaber meaning

We know that Mace Windu's purple lightsaber means he knows the power of light and dark forces. Likewise, Rey's blue lightsaber means she's a Jedi. Now, Rey's yellow lightsaber could mean she has some kind of connection to both the Jedi and the Sith.

The story tells us that she is Palpatine's granddaughter. The connection to the dark side is strong in her blood. Likewise, she was an apprentice to two of the greatest Jedi of all time. She has a deep understanding of the bright side of the Force. Her connection to both sides of the Force may be the reason Rey uses the yellow lightsaber.