A Guide To The Kotor Darth Bandon Lightsaber

A Guide To The Kotor Darth Bandon Lightsaber

To understand Darth Bandon, we have to go back to Star Wars history. During the days of the Old Republic, the Old Jedi Order was in control thousands of years before Palpatine's Empire.

The fact that the Sith Lords never took control of the galaxy after the Jedi Sith Wars doesn't mean the Sith never tried to take control of the galaxy. History tells us that the Sith Lords followed the Sith's "rule of two" and constantly tried and challenged the old Jedi Order.

Darth Bandon was one such figure who served the Sith cause. We don't learn much more about him in the Star Wars TV series or their film counterparts, but that can be found in the novel The Old Republic. However, he made a name for himself among Star Wars fans with a game that covered all of the Knights of the Old Republic.

Darth Bandon Lightsaber and his amazing Force abilities have made him a fan favorite. So, who is he, and what's so cool about Darth Bandon's lightsaber? Let's learn quickly.


A Guide To The Kotor Darth Bandon Lightsaber

Darth Bandon as Sith Lord

After becoming a Sith Lord, he boarded with his master Darth Malak and killed many Jedi Knights during his lifetime. In order to save Darth Revan, he even killed the ensign, Trask Ulgo.

Ironically, former Sith Lord Darth Revan turned to the dark side. He confronted Darth Bandon in a duel. Darth Bandon failed on Revan and was killed by whomever he was trying to break free.

Darth Bandon lightsaber

Darth Bandon wields a double-bladed lightsaber, also known as a Saberstaff. Double-edged lightsabers have a hilt in the center and blades on either side. The one double-bladed lightsaber we remember is Darth Maul's lightsaber. Maul Darth Bandon also crafted his red lightsaber using red Kyber crystals.

Darth Bandon's lightsaber hilt is one of a kind. You could say that the crystal is the hilt of the sword. We don't see any proper Hilt overlays on the Crystal. The exposed crystal is fixed between the centers of the hilt. The only person who ever wielded this double-bladed lightsaber was Exarquin.

Bandon is highly skilled in both double-bladed and single-bladed lightsaber combat. He is able to mix his lightsaber and Force abilities in battle to complement each other.

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