A Tips Guide To Lightsaber Dueling

A Tips Guide To Lightsaber Dueling

Do you want to spend quality lightsaber time with your friends at home? Then you need to learn how to duel like a real Jedi. Learning lightsaber techniques is essential to any lightsaber duel at home. Fortunately, you were in the right place at the right time.

Perfect posture

These stances are more important in lightsaber combos than you might expect. Many lightsaber duelists ignore this trick, but it's one of the best tricks for securing victory. Maintaining proper posture means you are properly grounded. It also means you are balancing and staying focused. Proper posture can enhance defense and offense in combat.

You may also need footwork if you use a weighted lightsaber, as these lightsabers require aggressiveness. Aggressive attacks can leave gaps that can only be plugged with proper footwork and balance.

Don't overdo it

Jedi Knights and Sith Lords seem to fight quickly by swinging and clashing their lightsabers. However, this is not the right way to fight in our world. A lightsaber is all about swings, but those swings have to be under your control.

Overswing will cause you to lose the fight most of the time. When you overswing, it means you're not concentrating and trying to score a quick win. The more you swing, the less you can hit the target. Missing a target means you've given your enemy a chance to attack. Every swing has to be calculated and controlled, especially when using a weighted lightsaber. If you decide to overswing, make sure to use the lightsaber combination you are good at.


A Tips Guide To Lightsaber Dueling

Lightsaber throwing technique

The lightsaber throwing kick is a new trick that's gaining popularity among fans. Jedis or Sith Lords don't use this trick, but real-life lightsaber duelists love it.

As the name suggests, the lightsaber throw trick is basically throwing a lightsaber. The trick here is to get the lightsaber back in the hand. The lightsaber duelist uses some sort of thread for this. They attach their lightsabers to one end of the string and to the other end by hand. So when they throw the lightsaber at an enemy, the thread will pull the lightsaber back into their hand.

The lightsaber throwing technique may seem simple, but it takes a lot of practice to fully master. This trick may also be useless to some, but it's an advanced lightsaber trick that gives duelists a wider range of motion.

Spin with lightsaber

Just swinging a lightsaber at an opponent in an awkward fashion won't work for you. It just makes you look like a bad duelist. Therefore, it is important to learn the art of spinning. Once you get the hang of it, you can make some cool lightsaber combos with it. Learn the technique given below and you can even spin a weighted lightsaber with ease. Arm, wrist and footwork in perfect sync will help you execute effective lightsaber combos. While spinning may seem like an excessive and unnecessary motion, it serves two purposes.

  1. Taking the time to learn to spin will improve your flexibility. It will enhance the ability to swing in a wider range and direction than if it were not spinning.
  2. One way to win a fight is to get inside your opponent's head. One of the best ways to confuse your opponent is to use spin. You can put a lot of pressure on your opponent with your spin.