CCSabers Offers The Best Heavy Dueling Lightsaber

CCSabers Offers The Best Heavy Dueling Lightsaber

Selling the best dueling lightsaber always comes down to comfort, the correct number and placement of set screws, the quality of the blade, and the type of lightsaber hilt midplate. All of our custom lightsabers at CCSabers are designed for heavy duels. You can choose between Padawan Tier Lightsabers, Elite Tier Lightsabers and Master Tier Lightsabers. We do our best to modify replica models for at least moderate duels, and in some cases, heavy dueling lightsabers can still be accomplished by modifying our lightsaber replicas. If you have any questions about CCSabers, please feel free to contact us.

CCSabers Offers The Best Heavy Dueling Lightsaber

Frequently asked questions about dueling lightsaber

Are RGB lightsabers good for duels?

RGB lightsabers are great for duels because lightsaber blades are hollow and can be purchased at CCSabers and are 3mm thick, making them great for heavy duels.

What lightsaber is best for a duel?

All of CCSabers' custom lightsabers are specially designed and built for heavy dueling. Even our neopixel lightsaber hilt comes with a 3mm lightsaber blade for intense duels. However, we still recommend our RGB lightsabers for the best heavy dueling lightsabers in the galaxy.

Can neopixel lightsaber be used in duels?

Our neopixel lightsaber in CCSabers can definitely be used for duels. Our neopixel lightsaber blades are 3mm thick and come with a one year warranty.

Can lightsabers be heavy?

Some lightsabers in CCSabers can be very heavy. Neopixel lightsabers are heavier than RGB lightsabers because Neopixel lightsabers include LCD lights for a more realistic effect. RGB lightsabers are lighter because the lightsaber blade is hollow.