Choose From A Variety Of Lightsaber Handles From CCSabers

Choose From A Variety Of Lightsaber Handles From CCSabers

The hilt of your lightsaber isn't just a tube, it's the most elegant weapon in the galaxy at one end. This is your saber trait and the secret to all your combat abilities! It's full of personality and brings it to life by defining it as your own designs, patterns, shapes and features! Every feature on your saber increases your power as its owner, and CCSabers brings you some of what we know best.

For many saber owners, the look and beauty of the saber is what draws them to choosing one or the other lightsaber hilt. While there's nothing wrong with choosing a lightsaber based on appearance to represent your performance in combat, many masters buy their saber specifically for combat, making every feature on the hilt critical, including the lightsaber hilt .

Lightsaber hilt grip and size

The size and shape of the lightsaber hilt is arguably the most critical aspect of the saber, as it determines what its owner can and cannot do in combat. The choke points on a lightsaber are the perfect example and are probably the most important feature to consider on a saber, as they allow the holder to spin and swivel the saber more easily than would be the case if the saber had a consistent shape.

What Is A Lightsaber Hilt?

The choke point on a lightsaber is the thinnest part of the hilt, and is usually where the user's main hand rests when holding the weapon. In addition to being comfortable, it allows them to spin or spin the saber while blocking blaster shots, or gain momentum for an attack. A choke point on a saber is most commonly found on the top of the hilt near the launcher, as this is the center of the saber's balance. The closer the choke point is to this, the easier it will spin and will give its owner the greatest amount of control over the weapon. Having multiple choke points on the lightsaber will allow the wielder to switch hand positions as they spin to gain speed or power in their strikes.

Lightsaber hilt components

The lightsaber hilt is also home to several components, such as the Covertec wheel that clips the general's knife to the belt, and the saber's ignition switch or on/off switch. These positions will affect the usefulness of the saber in combat.

The CCSabers lightsaber hilt has been engineered to give you endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your lightsaber, meaning you can craft the perfect weapon for your fighting style.

Each saber will have the strengths and weaknesses of a different fighting style! Be sure to test every knife through every form of combat!