Customize Your Lightsaber And Upgrade It In CCSabers

Customize Your Lightsaber And Upgrade It In CCSabers

Custom lightsabers are a unique addition to your lightsaber needs, as you can create a lightsaber by choosing your own parts and building a custom lightsaber that represents a power that exists only within you! It's really easy to make those toy lightsabers that you used to clash with your friends and siblings as a kid. On the other hand, making a custom lightsaber requires technical knowledge and skills, which is by no means an easy task and requires you to purchase the right parts and tools to accomplish. Aside from the right skills and materials, custom lightsabers don't come without cost.

Most of these requirements can be intimidating and intimidating for beginners looking to build their first custom lightsaber, but don't worry, we at CCSabers have you covered because facing fear is Jedi Fate! Follow our comprehensive guide to learn all about building a custom lightsaber and adding your own personal touch.

Customize your lightsaber

In order to make a lightsaber as accurate as the lightsaber you've seen in movies and video games, you need to know in advance what the components are used to make the lightsaber. A lightsaber mainly consists of two parts: the handle and the blade. Although it looks simple, you need to understand the much smaller components inside the handle and blade. We can break them down into:

  • Hilt
  • Blade
  • Coupler
  • Emitter
  • Pommel
  • Activation switch
  • Sound
  • Effects

In addition to this, when making a custom lightsaber, you must also consider other things and accessories such as couplers, blade lengths, blade plugs, batteries, speakers, brightness and effects.

Customize Your Lightsaber And Upgrade It In CCSabers


The hilt is the part of the lightsaber that you hold in your hand when you swing it at your opponent, or when posing as your favorite Jedi or Sith warrior. The right choice for a knife handle depends largely on your personal choices of style and aesthetics, as well as practical considerations for mounting electronics and soundboards. The length and thickness of the handle is also important, as it should fit smoothly in the size of the user's hand.


The blade is the narrowest part of the lightsaber, but it's the part that is directly involved in the fight, while striking the opponent's lightsaber blade, which is why it's important to choose the right blade that's strong enough to withstand intense lightsaber attacks. Jedi vs. Battle of the Sith. There are different blade types to choose from and the length of the blade determines the correct blade choice for your unique custom lightsaber. The blade is made of polycarbonate tube that scatters light and withstands duels.


These are used to assemble the hilts of two lightsabers together to make a double-edged lightsaber or saber staff. Darth Maul looks cool, so be sure to add a coupler if you want to make a saber.


It attaches to the handle and is used to hold the blade in place by gripping the blade tightly. The emitter also adds to the overall aesthetic of the lightsaber, but as with the other parts, it's important to understand what the lightsaber is for. There are emitters with windows that give a cool look by letting the light shine through the cut gaps. The emitter may also have claws like those on Rey's golden lightsaber. If you like duels, the emitter with claws doesn't add much value as it can be destroyed during a duel.

Activation switch

The activation switch is used to turn on the lightsaber and switch between different effects.


Without sound, lightsabers are no fun. The soundboard controls the sounds and effects within the lightsaber. There's a smooth swing - the sound and buzz of the lightsaber changes based on how fast you swing the lightsaber. The sound of slow, fast, long, and short swings varies for a smoother lightsaber experience. You can also have sound features like blaster bolt deflection and the crash of two lightsabers colliding.


You can achieve different effects with custom lightsabers. Some effects are only possible with Neopixel lightsabers, such as scrolling effects, unstable lightsaber effects, and rainbow effects. Other features include blast bolt deflection effects, lightsaber flash collision effects, blade lock effects, and flashing effects. You can also change the color of your lightsaber. In custom lightsabers you can get millions of colors in Neopixel lightsabers.

Using this guide as a starting point, you can develop your own custom lightsaber, but if you still have any questions, we'd love to talk to you. You can talk to the CCSabers team for help building a custom lightsaber.