Factors To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Lightsaber

Factors To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Lightsaber

Laser swords is another name for the for the lightsabers that are currently rising in popularity after their appearance in the Star Wars films as an energy weapon. A most basic saber is typically around three feet long and composes of a metal hilt that projects a beam of bright light in a blade form. If you are a Star War fanatic, you definitely want to have a lightsaber by your side. Deciding on the best choice can be quite a tedious task, you definitely ought to skim through the following factors that will guide you getting a perfect choice that is worth every single cent.

Factors To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Lightsaber

1. Smooth Swing:

A smooth swing in a lightsaber is a satisfying feature for any kind of saber you are looking to get. What is a smooth swing? This is an algorithm based on a soundboard which allows the most realistic types of sound swings. The speed and motion of the saber determines the kind of volume and pitch produced. Clear sound effects are as a result of smooth swings. Most duelers argue that a soundless swing is the most ideal.

2. Removable Battery:

When it comes to matters of recharging your saber, removable batteries are the best choice which gives you the ability to change the battery at any point. You are able to recharge the battery and reuse it. This saves you the cost of having to buy batteries every now and then.

3. Durability:

When looking to purchase a lightsaber for cosplay, dueling or even exhibition, you need to check out for the best quality that will ensure its longevity. The features like the hilt, blade and the electronics should be able to withstand normal handling as well as the shipping process. No one wants to receive a package of broken saber, it can be disappointing. It’s obvious that dueling sabers like the CCSabers lightsaber can be sturdier than the display sabers but that does not mean they should be of low quality either.

Generally, looking out for customer reviews would help identify a quality saber. Reviews help determine the kind of experience the previous users have had with the same product. Your dueling journey is just a single step away, you just need to visit this website and get a vast array of sabers to choose from.