Guide To Buying Heavy Dueling Lightsabers

Guide To Buying Heavy Duel Lightsabers

Duel lightsaber

A heavy dueling lightsaber, from a CCSabers perspective, essentially means two people swinging each other as hard as possible, requiring a fair amount of durability. Factory knockoff sabers, whatever the rhetoric, are generally not designed for this type of lightsaber combat. Imitation knife handles tend to be very uncomfortable and only have a set screw or two to hold the blade in place. Sometimes only one screw holds the blade in place. In CCSabers, we tried modifying some replicas to correct and enhance their combat efficiency. In the end, even though we did a lightsaber customization to the replica, it really came down to comfort.

Dueling lightsaber with sound and light effects

The best sounding dueling lightsaber bought for lightsaber combat should be very comfortable! After just ten minutes of spinning, twirling, and wielding the Neopixel Dueling lightsaber, an uncomfortable lightsaber hilt will completely ruin your hands. Custom lightsabers that are too smooth will slip out of your hands, and lightsabers that are too sharp hilts will splinter hands and fingers. Balance is critical. Read through our CCSabers description to find the lightsaber that fits your needs. There will always be trade-offs when it comes to comfort and aesthetics, and we've spent a lot of R&D trying to balance the two.

Guide To Buying Heavy Duel Lightsabers

When it comes to heavy dueling lightsabers, there is a lot of debate about RGB vs Neopixel lightsabers. The answer to this question changes a little every year as technology changes. Yes, the best lightsaber to buy for a fierce duel is still an RGB lightsaber because the lightsaber blade is hollow and there is nothing inside the blade that can be damaged. Nonetheless, the neopixel lightsaber blade is now 3mm thick and can be spared a bit of abuse today.

One year warranty

We personally think that our Neopixel lightsaber blades can withstand anything within reason in the heat of a duel, and our CCSabers guarantee gives you a full year's warranty if anything happens, and random things do happen, and you don't need to worry at all.

Feel free to choose the lightsaber that pleases you at CCSabers. Our lightsaber collection includes Padawan Tier Lightsabers, Elite Tier Lightsabers and Master Tier Lightsabers. You can choose different electronics for your lightsaber hilt. From RGB to high-end neopixel technology.