History Of The Invention Of Lightsaber

History Of The Invention Of Lightsaber

The lightsaber is an iconic weapon in the Star Wars galaxy. Jedi Knights and Sith Lords have been using this weapon in the ongoing war between good and evil. The Jedi are using lightsabers to bring peace to the galaxy. Sith Lords use lightsabers to gain power and control.

We've been observing lightsabers for forty years, since the 1970s. The first movie is about the original trilogy. Then we go back to the days of the Old Republic. We also saw Master Yoda there. According to data, Master Yoda lived more than a thousand years old. He has served as a Jedi for over 850 years and always carries his Shoto lightsaber with him.

As we did with Master Yoda, the Jedi have been wielding lightsabers since ancient times. So, anyone might be wondering how old a lightsaber is? What color were the first lightsabers? What was the first lightsaber in Star Wars? Who made the first lightsaber? What is a Protosaber, and how does it relate to lightsabers? Let's dive into the history of Star Wars' first lightsaber.

Meaning of lightsabers

A lightsaber is a laser sword that can slice through almost anything. We've seen it cut through metal doors and deflect blasters. The hilt creates a very hot plasma blade that melts anything it touches.

There are more than 15 types of Star Wars Legendary lightsabers in Star Wars. It includes the famous double-bladed lightsaber and crossguard lightsaber. Blades can come in a variety of colors, such as purple, green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, dark and bronze.


History Of The Invention Of Lightsaber

History of lightsabers

We don't have to delve into the history of lightsabers. In fact, we have to go back to prehistoric times. An age with no sign of a republic. No one ever thought of the age of civilization. Lightsabers start appearing around 25000 BBY.

In prehistoric times, two races ruled the galaxy. One of these is known as Je'daii, the ancestor of the Jedis and Sith lords. Most Je'daii are Force-sensitive. Back then there was no concept of Jedi or Sith, but they were also able to control and use the Force.

The Jedi learned the secrets of the Force, but not in the same way as modern Jedi. They see forces as three aspects of nature. The force of darkness, the force of light and the balancing force of nature. The Jedi Code is meant to balance the Force. Anyone who gets too deep into the dark side or the light side of the Force must leave the Jedi Order. They had to go to the moon, meditate there, and bring balance to the Force. A popular Je'daiis weapon at the time was the Protosaber.


History Of The Invention Of Lightsaber

Who made the first lightsaber?

A Jedi Master known as the Master of Arms developed the first lightsaber. We're not sure when he created the first Star Wars lightsaber. He may have built it before the Force Wars, but the weapon was hidden for a while.

Lightsabers came into regular use during the Cold War. The scorekeeper's herald retrieved the lightsaber from the droid goalkeeper. He and his apprentices studied engravings. They discovered more about modern lightsabers. So, who made the first lightsaber? He is known as the Master of Arms, the ancestor of the Jedi Knight. Although, the lightsaber didn't come into regular use until decades after his discovery.

It took thousands of years and many stages of evolution to create the modern lightsaber. The combination of Forcesaber and Protosaber resulted in the modern lightsaber.

What was the first lightsaber color?

There are two ways of looking at this question. If you ask in order, then let's say it's blue. We first saw a lightsaber in the 1970s, when Obi-Wan gave it to Luke Skywalker.

Sad news if you're asking from a Star Wars historical perspective. We don't have enough data to answer your question. There is no canon story or legend that explains the color of the first lightsaber. As we know, Rakatas has Forcesabers, and Je'daii has Protosabers of various colors. So we can know all the lightsaber colors from the beginning.

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