Knowing The Basics Of Saber Components

Knowing The Basics Of Saber Components

At first glance, a lightsaber appears to be a fairly simple piece of equipment. You have a handle where your hand can go. The handle is at one end of the blade-like protrusion used to strike the opponent. However, novice fans will soon learn that lightsabers are more complicated than that - which is where many beginners get confused.

Often comes with various components and decorations whose functions cannot be easily deduced from their names. What does the "emitter" actually emit anyway? Shouldn't 'saddle' be what Olympic gymnasts dance to? A brief guide to its functions.

Knowing The Basics Of Saber Components


The hilt or body is the handle of the lightsaber. This is the part you hold when you swing your lightsaber. There are a variety of styles; typical features include a choke point (the narrowest part of the handle) and a switch (for turning the blade on and off). Finding the right handle is largely a matter of personal aesthetics, as well as some practical considerations, such as the size of the user's hand. The CCSabers handle also houses the soundboard and other electronics.


This is a narrow, glowing cylinder used to strike objects or opponents. Available in a variety of lengths, it is constructed from a sturdy polycarbonate tube with a film inside for enhanced lighting. Available in medium (best for displaying vibrant colors) and heavy (best for sparring) blade variations.


This small cylindrical piece has an opening at each end for connecting two lightsaber handles together. When the hilt is attached in this way, it creates what is known in the Star Wars universe (or staff), the weapon of choice for Darth Maul and certain other celebrities. The "quick release" coupler is a special variant designed so that users can connect or disconnect a lightsaber in a matter of minutes. Couplers are only necessary for double-bladed lightsabers.

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