Lightsaber Colors You Should Choose

There are many types of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. They tend to reflect the characteristics of their wielders: their combat preferences, their relationship to the Force, and perhaps their modest personal tastes.

Every aspect of a lightsaber is significant. This is especially true of lightsaber colors. A lightsaber's color is often derived from the kind of kyber crystal that produces the blade - which itself is often associated with its own lore and meaning. The more common lightsaber colors indicate an individual's love for a cause or tradition supported by countless others, while some more esoteric colors are associated with a specific character and reflect that person's unique history. This is a complex subject, so the following is just a quick overview of the importance of lightsaber colors to help you choose the right color.

Lightsaber Colors You Should Choose

  • Blue - Associated with the Jedi and their peacekeeping. This isn't the only possible color for a Jedi lightsaber, but it's been considered the prototype Jedi color since Luke Skywalker picked up his father's saber in A New Hope. Its bearer is a champion of the Jedi cause; he or she believes in peace, order, knowledge, and service to others.

  • Red - Related to the Sith, the eternal enemy of the Jedi. Its wielders are committed to the ideals of the Sith Order: ruthlessness, "might is justice," and the values of power and self-fulfillment—essentially the opposite of what the Jedi believed.
  • Green - Also affiliated with the Jedi, although this is a less common color than standard blue. Green indicates that the user prefers harmony and diplomacy over combat, but the owner of this lightsaber is certainly fully capable of engaging head-to-head when the occasion calls for it. It is closely related to experience and wisdom. Yoda is one of the most famous users.
  • Yellow - Known as the Jedi Sentinel's go-to accessory in the expanding universe. They combine the fighting prowess of the Guardian with the diplomatic tactics of the Consulate. In the current canon, both Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano are found hand-held.
  • Purple - Known as the first choice of Jedi Master Mace Windu. Made after he became one of the most respected members of the Jedi Council, anyone who wields a lightsaber of this color pays homage to the fierce warrior.
  • White – Ahsoka Tano made a pair after leaving the Jedi Order after being acquitted of sedition charges, despite her apparent innocence and even being invited to return to the Order, this time the experience severely damaged Tano's confidence in the Jedi hierarchy. Even so, she refused to go to the dark side. Instead, Tano became a free agent in a sense—sympathetic to Jedi ideals, but operating independently of the Order. Like Tano, the wielder is a lone wolf who identifies with the bright side of the Force.
  • Black - Black is the color of the lightsaber, almost exclusive to the infamous Dark Sword. This is a unique, powerful and very intimidating saber invented by the Mandalorian Tarre Vizsla, traditionally the symbol of the Vizsla family. Over the years it has passed through the hands of a wide range of owners from Moff Gideon to Darth Maul. It is said that no one can properly acquire the Dark Sword without defeating its current owner.

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