Nothing Comes Close To A Neopixel Lightsaber!

The new generation of lightsabers has arrived, and they're more powerful than ever. The sabers are made from high quality materials that create an intense bright glow when activated with just the push of a button!

They’re built with a high-quality LED light strip inside the blade that looks just like a real saber, giving you total immersion in your fantasy world!

In addition to being able to bring your favorite fantasy into reality with these amazing sabers you'll also get access too many additional features such as a variety of sound effects and tons of blade animations which really brings them alive in different ways no other product can match! On top it all off we are working with a new saber factory. And here is the first product: Dark Apprentice. Free shipping domestically.

Dark Apprentice - CCSabers Replica Series

Nothing Comes Close To A Neopixel Lightsaber!

Necessary tools
Mystery gift
Customized saber stand (Installed Only)
Belt Clip (Installed Only)
Blade plug (Installed Only)
Battery and Charger (Installed Only)

$175 for an empty single hilt by using the CODE: 70OFF and $300 for an empty staff by using the CODE: 150OFF. $425 for an installed single hilt. $750 for an installed staff. By choosing the installed option, you will get Proffieboard installed neopixel lightsabers. Blades are not included. They are available here: Click me to buy blades.