RGB Lightsabers For Heavy Duelling

RGB Lightsabers For Heavy Duelling

The RGB baselit lightsabers come up with super bright LEDs with 12 presets. These LEDs are fitted into the saber hilt and the duel grade lightsaber blade make the lightsaber combat ready.

RGB is an acronym for the color scheme of “Red, Green, and Blue”. These are also the basic colors that mix up with each other and extend exciting color schemes for Star Wars geeks. Our listed RGB lightsabers also depict the same scintillating scheme. The user would love to brandish!

RGB lightsabers for heavy duelling

RGB Lightsabers For Heavy Duelling

These RGB lightsabers are also a perfect fit for “flash-on-clash” laden heavy dueling. As the neopixel lightsabers are easily roughed up with somewhat rough dueling, these are RGB lightsabers that stand against the wear and tear of the bumps. Our RGB lightsabers are constructed from quality-grade polycarbonate material that ensures longevity.

Moreover, RGB lightsabers are also aesthetically pleasing owing to their menacing looks. These sabres are a perfect replica of the Star Wars franchise, depicting real-life vibes.

Furthermore, RGB lightsabers are powered by a polycarbonate blade and frosted hilt; both are household names for longevity. All in all, RGB lightsabers are the best duelling fit to take all opponents on the chin. Have a try!

The following are some of the exciting specifications of our baselit lightsabers:

Base control
Baselit lightsabers are handily controlled by the base as the control panel is fitted there. You can command your desired colour, style, or bumps for your favourite cosplay. The control is extremely easy.

Swift cosplay
Another exciting feature is that base-lit lightsabers are their optimal cosplay performance. As the control is super simple; hence, this design is considered the best fit for cosplay owing to swift fluctuations within the blink of an eye.

Sturdy dueling
Baselit lightsabers are also nice for hard dueling. As the panel is at the very end of the blade, there is no fear of damage during dueling. This sturdy dueling option is almost nonexistent in any other lightsaber variant.

Base-lit lightsabers are one of the forerunning sabres depicted in the Star Wars franchise. This genre is the best for cosplay thanks to the real RGB glow. While supreme duelling can easily be executed considering the heavy-grade polycarbonate blade. We offer one of the best RGB lightsabers; finding this premium quality in CCSabers.