Starwars – Dress Accessories and Toy Weapons You Should Buy

Starwars – Dress Accessories and Toy Weapons You Should Buy

Though they may seem like simple children's toys, there is no denying the appeal of star wars weapons and accessories. For many kids, playing with star wars toys is a way to engage with the characters and stories they love. So here are some toy weapons and dress accessories you should buy.

CCSabers Mando Inspired Lightsaber

If you're searching for an impressive and stylish addition to your cosplay or simply want a unique conversation starter, this CCSabers Lightsaber is a perfect choice. The iconic Mandalorian helmet inspires the sleek black design with red accents, and the bright LED blade can be customized to cycle through multiple colors. In addition, the included sound effects add to the realism, making this one of the market's most realistic and fun lightsabers. 

CCSabers Padawan-E11B Lightsaber

This CCSabers Lightsaber is a versatile and affordable light saber that is perfect for both beginners and experienced duelists. The hilt is made of high-quality aluminum and features a comfortable contoured grip. The blade is made of tough polycarbonate and can emit up to 16 colors. The saber also features sound effects and vibration feedback, making it feel truly realistic. Best of all, the saber can be easily customized using the included software. So whether you want to create a unique visual effect or simply want to change the color of your blade, the CCSabers Padawan-E11B RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber is a perfect choice.


The Inferno Squad Helmet, as seen in Star Wars Battlefront II, is a highly advanced piece of Imperial technology. The helmet protects the wearer's head from enemy fire and the harsh battle environment. The helmet also has a built-in communications system that allows the wearer to contact their squad mates constantly.

 In addition, the helmet is equipped with a visor that can be polarized to protect the wearer's eyes from bright flashes of light. The inferno squad helmet is an essential piece of equipment for any Imperial soldier, and it is sure to give them an edge in any battle.

Luke Skywalker ROTJ Costumes

When it comes to iconic movie costumes, few are more instantly recognizable than Luke Skywalker's outfit from Return of the Jedi. Comprised of a simple tunic, pants, and boots, the costume is deceptively simple - but that's part of its appeal. The muted colors help to convey Luke's journey from eager farm boy to battle-hardened warrior, and the overall design is practical and stylish. It's no wonder that countless fans have replicated the costume over the years. So whether you're looking for an authentic replica or want to channel your inner Jedi Knight, a Luke Skywalker ROTJ Costume is a great choice.

With their cool designs and endless possibilities for imaginative play, it's no wonder that star wars toys and dress accessories are so popular among kids of all ages.