The Most Popular 89Sabers Products

The most popular 89sabers products

89Sabers Overview

A stunning saber fit for cosplay, learning saber moves like a true Jedi, or simply for display, this Smoothswing saber with Pixel blade install is perfect for the enthusiast and collector alike.

Solid nickel plated brass constructed hilt with Pixel blade makes this saber durable enough to battle with friends, making your fan fiction movies much more realistic to shoot and a dream to watch, or live out your Jedi fantasies by wielding this powerful movie prop! This is truly high quality.

Smooth swing allows all your movements to be captured in real time, with precise 1:1 changes in sound, as if you’re actually swinging a real lightsaber! From the satisfying hum of idle to the clashes and loud hums of swinging the saber in battle, even deflecting laser bolts back at your enemies, this technology is a game changer, and in my opinion is worth the cost alone.

The most popular 89sabers products

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