The Ultimate Dueling Experience

The Ultimate Dueling Experience

Whether you’re a warrior of the light side fighting to uphold what’s right or you’re drawn to the power of the dark side, you’re sure to find a lightsaber that suits you right here.


Choose from 12 vibrant colors that changes with the click of a button. Our lightsabers are made of high-quality materials, so if dueling is your aim and the price isn't an issue - then the CCSabers is your best choice to buy.


Make your fantasy turn into a reality, and go beyond with new amazing Star Wars effects! Whether your purchase purpose is for collection or re-enactment, our sabers will fulfill your every saber need.

The Perfect Present

Our CCSabers lightsaber is the closest thing there is to a real lightsaber. It also serves as the perfect gift for your loved ones - Especially for kids and Star Wars lovers!

The Ultimate Dueling Experience

CCSabers brings you stunning aesthetics and realistic sound effects that‘ll drop people’s jaws wherever you take it. Whether you’re on a mission be for Good or Dark, CCSabers neopixel lightsaber is the perfect addition to your collection. Crafted with a smooth, matte-metallic hilt and a luminous sword that looks just like the real thing, neopixel lightsaber is designed to wow you every time you turn it on.