What Happened To Luke's Green Lightsaber?

What Happened To Luke's Green Lightsaber?

What happened to Luke's green lightsaber?

Luke Skywalker's famous green lightsaber has been a pop culture mainstay since its debut in the original Star Wars movies. The saber is an oversized weapon that looks more like an antique hanging on a wall than a functional weapon, and has been featured in countless movies, games, and cartoons over the years.

But what happened to Luke's green lightsaber? While it's almost certain that the saber won't be featured in a Star Wars movie again, there's still hope for fans who want to see the iconic weapon again.

Luke Skywalker used to wield a green lightsaber before declaring himself a Jedi, so he nearly killed his father. After deciding to stop using the green lightsaber, he finally chose to put it away. After the king died, he rediscovered it.

This saber weighs about the same as the older version of the lightsaber. Best of all, this saber is an excellent collectible that complements any Star Wars franchise.

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What Happened To Luke's Green Lightsaber?

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This saber is designed to look like a green-lighted version of Jedi's famous weapon. The weapon itself looks great when opened, but you have to keep in mind that it takes quite a while to actually get your hands on this action-packed item. If you love Star Wars and are a true sci-fi fan, then you will definitely consider buying the Luke Skywalker green lightsaber.

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