Where Can I Buy A Custom Lightsaber?

Where Can I Buy A Custom Lightsaber?

All about lightsabers

According to Ultimate Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, the lightsaber "is the weapon of the Jedi. The elegant weapon of a more civilized age." Used by both the dark side and the light side, the Jedi Millennium wields these sabers in battle to defeat the evil empire. Whether you were attending the premiere of the first Star Wars movie on May 25, 1977, or you were an apprentice to a Jedi parent, the lightsaber is the ultimate dream weapon for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Custom lightsaber

It's fairly common knowledge that a saber color has a specific meaning, but did you know it's unique to the person who uses it? For example, Count Dooku's saber hilt is curved and comes in black and silver colors, while Kylo Ren wields a saber with a cross-protected hilt design. Custom lightsabers let you build your own lightsaber by choosing a hilt design, hilt color, and blade color (some offer multiple blade colors in a single lightsaber!). What better way to show your Jedi identity than with a custom saber?

Where Can I Buy A Custom Lightsaber?

RGB lightsaber

The RGB lightsaber is equipped with super bright LEDs with 12 presets. These LEDs are mounted in the hilt, and duel-grade lightsaber blades make lightsaber combat ready.

RGB is an acronym for the "red, green, blue" color scheme. These are also basic colors that mix with each other and expand exciting color schemes for Star Wars geeks. The RGB lightsabers we listed also depict the same flickering scheme. Users would love to wave!

Neopixel lightsaber

What makes the Neopixel lightsaber special is that it has multiple effects. You can fully customize your neopixel by choosing the shape of the glow in the blade, handle color and color. The handle of our otherworldly neopixel lightsaber is made of sturdy metal. Packed with the coolest electronics, these lightsabers are without a doubt your dueling weapon. The perfect combination of soundboard, bright pixel light source, heavy duty polycarbonate blade in the shape and size you like.

Selling lightsabers

Use the Force to choose the perfect Jedi weapon. From hilt design to blade color, you can create the perfect lightsaber replica for display or as a dueling weapon to fight friends from the dark side. Choose from standard issues or custom lightsaber designs from the lightsabers sold by CCSabers and get everything you need to defend your empire.