Where To Buy Neopixel Lightsabers?

Where To Buy Neopixel Lightsabers?

CCSabers is a one-stop lightsaber handle and accessories store located in Maryland, USA. We manufacture our own components and lightsaber handles, and also distribute products from other businesses. This is a family business.

Unlike many sellers who sell lightsabers, we manufacture our own electronic components and parts. We also designed some lightsaber products ourselves. Therefore, we have two advantages over other merchants. The first is that we are able to bring quality products to our customers at lower prices. Second, we can provide maintenance and after-sales service by ourselves.

We can guarantee to provide you with:

  1. Full metal build lightsabers
  2. Lifetime tech support
  3. 1 Year warranty

Why choose neopixel lightsabers at CCSabers?

Where To Buy Neopixel Lightsabers?

That's what makes CCSabers famous. We have all the premium Neopixel blade and lightsaber collections. At CCSabers, you'll get an original-inspired new pixel lightsaber that you can use in combat and duels. Granted, these aren't cheap, but they're pretty affordable considering their build quality and functionality.

What makes the Neopixel lightsaber special is that it has multiple effects. You can fully customize your neopixel by choosing the shape of the glow in the blade, handle color and color.

We hit the market with the most amazing features and unbeatable price and quality. CCSabers is committed to being honest and transparent with our sabers family by providing true emotional value alongside sabers.