Where To Get A Dueling Lightsaber?

Where To Get A Dueling Lightsaber?

When audience members were treated to the force-sensitive moves of a double-bladed Sith apprentice, inspiration struck so hard that now there are entire tournaments and professional leagues based on lightsaber dueling. That leads many to ask, where to get started? How do we develop the same powerful saber skills as our favorite light or dark side warrior?

The Art of Lightsaber Fighting

Let us get the basics out of the way first. Yes, you will need a professionally made lightsaber blade from an expert creator like us at CCSabers. We will get into the details of the requirements for this build, but let’s just say for now that your local Target is not going to do the trick.

Grab some protective gloves, comfortable shoes, helmets, and padding. Don’t be afraid to purchase eye protection and mouth guards as well. A good rule of thumb is to cover the areas of your body with protective gear like people who train in Kendo (i.e. the way of the sword), or Olympic fencing.

Selecting Your Lightsaber

Where To Get A Dueling Lightsaber?

Now for the fun part, finding that perfect lightsaber for your next dueling experience. Some organizations may have size requirements based on acceptable conditions during their duels. In general, unless you have a very liberal team of fighters, you are looking for a standard single-bladed lightsaber. When you shop, pay special attention to:

  • Weight - duels can last for many minutes, and the weight of a well-made saber can feel heavy in your hands and on your wrist after a while. You are looking for something light enough to not slow you down while fighting but heavy enough so you can feel the power of the sword as you cut. Light blades are thinner and allow more agility. Heavy blades are thick and feel like they cause more damage when landing a strike.
  • Balance - a quality lightsaber should have the balance of a quality slicing knife. You do not want all the weight in the hilt. Shoot for finding a balance where the meeting point of the blade and hilt rests on your outstretched finger and only dips slightly towards the hilt.
  • Comfort - so many people seek out delicately made or intricate designs on their lightsaber hilts, never fully realizing these can hurt your hand as you fight. Keep it simple, smooth, comfortable, and with materials that allow you to maintain a grip while wearing gloves.
  • Durability - this is a big one. Only work with quality lightsaber makers like those at CCSabers. A poorly made lightsaber can fail you in the middle of a duel. Then you are done for - figuratively and literately.
  • Blade Length/Design - this will be primarily up to the organization you are working with. Some allow duel blades, multi-blades, and other equipment that can be pretty long. In general, you are looking for a blade between 24” and 36”. Once you get a feel for your fighting techniques, you can always upgrade to emoting more customized.
If you are ready to find a quality made lightsaber for your collection, start with the incredible products from CCSabers. We have many customized lightsabers for dueling, display, and cosplay events. Check out our store and stay safe out there. Whether you are fighting with the Sith or Jedi, just be sure to keep your head on straight and use the force.