Why Choose Neopixel Lightsabers?

Why Choose Neopixel Lightsabers?

This is why CCSabers is famous for, we got all the premium Neopixel blades and lightsabers collection. At CCSabers, you’ll get primitive inspired neopixel lightsabers that can be used for combat and dueling. Definitely, these aren’t the cheap ones but quite affordable considering their built quality and features.

Neopixel lightsabers are special because of diverse effects. You can fully customize your neopixel by choosing the shape, hilt color and color of emitting light in the blade.

The Making Of CCSabers Lightsabers

Have you ever wondered how we put all the magic into these awesome sci-fi weapons and turn them into a reality? The trick isn’t to throw together some kyber crystal and a plasma blade, no. Our lightsabers are crafted by a high-end polycarbonate neopixel blade married with the most luxuriously built hilt. With all engineering hands on deck, these neopixel lightsaber blades have been made with extreme technicality. Scroll through our website to see how each model of saber and lightsaber blades that we have differs from the other.

Why Choose Neopixel Lightsabers?

Complete kit

On our website, you can find the complete kit you need for a breath-taking Star Wars adventure! Select our pixel lightsaber kit to surprise your friends or family on their birthday, graduation or any other celebratory occasion.

Interchangeable colors

The best part about owning a custom built lightsaber is that it can give you interchangeable colors; which means you can pretend to change your crystal every now and then. Whether you’ve gone over to the dark side or decided to serve the light; these lightsabers are most definitely the ideal pick for you.

Ultimate dueling

A little bit of light dueling won’t hurt anyone! While being mindful not to damage any inner components of the saber, you can carry them around for a little match with your friends. Live in the moment and enjoy the most out of your Star Wars experience with our dueling lightsabers available for sale.

Unlike many sellers who sell lightsabers, we produce our own electronic components and parts. We also design some lightsaber products ourselves. Therefore, we have two advantages over other merchants. The first is that we are able to bring quality products to our customers at lower prices. The second is that we are able to provide repairs and after-sale services by ourselves.