Proffieboard V2.2 Interaction Guide

Proffieboard V2.2 Interaction Guide

For your convenience, you can download the manual here:


Proffie 2.2 Operation Guide

"Battle Mode" - Hold AUX and Swing while blade is ON to toggle mode ON/OFF


Ignite (ON) - Click PWR or Twist On while OFF

Muted Ignition (ON) - Double click PWR while OFF

Retract (OFF) - Click PWR or TWIST HILT while ON (disabled during swinging)


Play Music Track - Hold and release PWR while OFF, hold and release PWR with blade pointing straight up while ON


Blast - Click AUX while ON


Multi-Blast Mode - Hold and release AUX while ON to enter mode, Swing to initiate Blasts, click Aux to exit mode


Lockup, Clash, Stab, Melt, Drag or any button presses automatically exits mode


Clash - Clash blade while ON (in Battle Mode clash and pull away quickly for "Clash" (requires BEGIN_LOCKUP and END_LOCKUP styles))


Lockup - Hold AUX and clash while ON (in Battle Mode clash and hold steady to activate, pull away to disengage)


Drag - Hold AUX and stab down while ON (in Battle Mode stab down, pull away to disengage)


Melt - Hold PWR (or AUX) and thrust forward and clash while ON( in Battle Mode thrust and clash to engage, pull away to disengage)


Lightning Block - Hold PWR and click AUX while ON

Force - Hold and release PWR while ON

Stab - Thrust forward and clash blade while ON - deactivated in Battle Mode


Color Change - Hold AUX and click PWR while ON (parallel or down) to enter CCWheel, turn hilt to rotate through colors, click PWR to select/exit if using COLOR_CHANGE_DIRECT each button press advances one Color at a time


Volume adjust - Hold AUX and click PWR while off to enter mode, then click PWR to increse volume, Click AUX to reduce volume, Hold AUX and click PWR while off to exit mode


Next Preset - Click AUX while OFF (parallel or up)

Previous Preset - Click Aux while OFF (pointing down)


Power Save - Hold Aux and click PWR while ON (pointing up) to use Power Save (requires style)