89 Sidious Uninstalled Chassis

89 Sidious Uninstalled Chassis

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Here we have the proffieV2.2 Uninstalled fully removable chassis for the latest 89 Sidious. They are ready to ship! Free shipping is already applied to this item.

The Kit Includes:
1x CCSNPC (CCSabers Neopixel Connector)
1x SLS printed chassis
2x Battery contacts

5x screws


CCSNPC (CCSabers Neopixel Connector)
High-quality PA12 SLS printed chassis
Removable Unprotected 18650
Neopixel connectors with LEDs
22mm bass speaker

Please notice: The hilt in the picture is not included.

Please be aware: This chassis is only compatible with the latest 89 Sidious hilt. It is not compatible with KRS Sidious hilt and the 89 earlier version Sidious hilts.

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