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!!!PLEASE READ THROUGH BEFORE ORDERING!!! General Info (2021/7/17):  CCS Grandmaster, tiny but powerful, isn't it? This is a high-end prop replica. High-quality materials and well crafted. Empties will be shipped in 2 weeks. The lead time for the installed option is about 3-4 weeks due to the lack of proffie boards but they will be shipped as soon as possible. Either...


General Info (2021/7/17): 

CCS Grandmaster, tiny but powerful, isn't it? This is a high-end prop replica. High-quality materials and well crafted. Empties will be shipped in 2 weeks. The lead time for the installed option is about 3-4 weeks due to the lack of proffie boards but they will be shipped as soon as possible. Either option including free shipping to all US addresses!


- Main body material: Brass (Hard chrome brushed finishing)

- Emitter shroud material: Stainless steel 

- Black pieces material: Aluminum

- Length: 170mm

- Weight: 215g

- Blade: 3/4" neopxiel blades

- Button Solution: Two spring-loaded buttons. (Glowing dot places)

- Compatible common electronics parts on the market


Breakdown of the kit:  

- 1 x Assembled Hilt

- 1 x Accurate emitter

1 x Accurate pommel cap

- 1 x Neopixel blade compatible emitter

1 x Pommel cap with sound vent

- 1 x Blade plug (little gift)


Installed Hilts with Blades:

Proffieboard neopixel tech install by CCSabers. Fully removable chassis with glowing accent LEDs on it. With one 3/4" 60cm (23.6 inches) customized neopixel blade. It uses a protected 18650 battery. The battery is not included. The lead time is about 3-4 weeks.

Short Video Demo:


Empty Chassis and Blades for DIYers

Choose the third option! The chassis is empty and ready for electronics installation. The blade is installed. The chassis kit will include: switches PCBs, battery contacts, a CCS neopixel connector. You still need to buy a Proffieboard and a 22mm bass speaker. (We have both of them in-store)


Why the option for international buyers is more expensive?

We found the shipping carrier wants us to ship tubes and boxes separately for international shipping. So it's basically double the shipping cost. At the same time, if you choose the US option as an international customer, I will email you to make up the difference. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Bulk Order:

Bulk order is welcomed. Please send us an email below to discuss the detail. Or through CCSabers FB page chat. 

Cancel Order? 

Please use your money wisely. Once the order has been placed it cannot be canceled or refunded. This kind of request send via email will also not be granted. Please only buy it if you can afford it. However, if you sell your spot to another person, please let me know ASAP so that I can change the shipping information.

Thanks, guys!

We appreciate all the support people gave us for this project. Hope you all enjoy them!

Thank you and MTFBWY
Carl Chen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michael Costa
First real lightsaber

From ordering to delivery this was perfect. Carl is very responsive and professional. He answered all my questions and had this to my house installed within 3-4 weeks - faster than expected! Highly recommend and I’ll be buying more!

Dave Campbell

I purchased the empty version of the grand master, Yoda hilt. I was absolutely blown away by the quality, and the little bugger has great weight on it.
The customer service that I received from Carl was exceptional and this is what I look for when I am about to make a purchase for a few hundreds dollars. 5 stars for sure

Sebastian Lenz
Grandmaster Hilt

I was searching for a good version of this hilt which had the right dimension, not like the MR versions with electronics which are bit to thick. Stumbled upon a review on Youtube and was directly in love with the exterior. I then ordered the all in version and was not disappointed. The chassi and electronics are superb. The shipping was perfect and the box is in my eyes also a beauty which can be displayed. All in all I a very happy with my purchase. All little things I had questions about were also answered in time and everything was sorted out with no problems, thump’s up 👍

Christian Robles
An elegant weapon for a more civilized age

I had high expectations for this saber and it definitely exceeded those expectations, customer service was amazing this saber is truly perfect, will definitely be buying more sabers from here in the future

Richard Evans
"Size matters not"-Master Yoda

I really love this hilt design, it is so sleek and mighty with great attention to detail and intricacy of how much time they took making this it's just mind blowing how something small can have big eye catching design elements definitely worth the buy people(even though I didn't purchase this, i was a giveaway winner for this hilt)

Marco Zumpe
A wonderful piece

Today my Grandmaster finally arrived and after an hour of "trying it out" I have to say I'm really thrilled. The workmanship is great, the blade fits the handle perfectly in terms of size and the chassis is really well thought out.

Despite the small size, the sound is really fabulous.

I will definitely buy again.

Greetings from Germany

Love it

The savor quality is amazing, the weight feels great, it's so tiny I love it. I purchased the empty hilt with the blade and chassy hope to be getting that soon! Can't wait to purchase my next saber from these guys!

Lane Gillis
Petite AND Powerful

This lightsaber feels substantial in the hand and has a nice weight to it. Even though the inner diameter doesn’t allow for a big speaker, this thing packs a nice punch and is plenty loud. My only criticism is that the emitter has the slightest wobble when the blade is in, but I may just use a bit of E600 since I won’t be utilizing the “static emitter that was included. Overall I’m very pleased with this purchase!

Alex E

I absolutely love this saber. From the weight of the brass, to the accuracy of the hilt itself. The chassis is designed so great, that it just goes right into the hilt and lines up perfect each time. The blade is bright for being small, and the saber comes default with a huge font package and gesture controls. If you are a collector and deciding to buy or not, DO IT! It is a great product and I absolutely love it. 🤙🏼

Warren McKay

I just received this little guy, and I am thoroughly impressed. The hilt itself is beautiful, and plenty of fonts and blade styles go with it right out of the box. Also had gesture controls added already, so no need to change the config file to add that yourself. I ordered it exactly one month ago and it is in my hands now, which is fantastic, but the time line given for completion and shipping was accurate as well. Honestly the best saber buying experience I have ever had, and Carl is easy to contact and responds quickly as well. Buy one of these and you won't be disappointed!