Lightsaber Install Service

Lightsaber Install Service

Regular price $365.00

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The price is only for labor fees for a basic Proffie Soundboard Neopixel installed Lightsaber. The buyer needs to offer an empty hilt. A standard install cost you about $350 total.

1. Contact us. We will discuss how much materials will cost.
2. Paying for components we do not have. (If we have all the components and chassis which are needed for the install, you will not be charged at this moment.)
3. Sending us the hilt.
4. We install the saber.
5. Sending customer video demos.
6. Fees are due after the install is finished. I will send the invoice before I ship the saber. 
7. Ship the installed saber back to you.
Current Leading Time:
1-2 weeks after I received all materials and the hilt.
-Proffie V2.2 Neopixel
-CCSabers Neopixel Connector
-One or Two buttons
-Bass/flat Speaker
-Removable Battery/Battery with Recharge Port (Battery is not included.)
-Chassis: Need to discuss with us.
Add on:
Simple Crystal Chamber: +$50
Metal Chassis: +$50
In chassis accent pixels (If there are spots left for accents on the chassis): +$25

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