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Work of Art

I have been eyeing this hilt for a long time at a lot of different companies, and I am soo glad that I went with 89Sabers! This hilt is HEAVY for its size, and feels really solid in my hand. I love that 89Sabers have nailed all the small details (slightly curved in handle instead of a tube, brightly lit activation gems, even the blade emitter & blade plug is flawless) and the color of the metals on the saber does not look cheesy. The chassis is not hard to remove and the crystal adds a certain amount of dark elegance, which this saber deserves. This hilt is surprisingly loud for its size and the very concealed speaker holes. If you are wanting to get a Sidious hilt and have been sitting on the fence for which one to get, this is definitely it!

Indeed, a Truly Elegant Weapon:

The original, the infamous, the iconic Graflex lightsabre! My oh my, this sabre is gorgeous! Being a high-end 89Sabers lightsabre replica, every detail is meticulously crafted, designed to give you—the lightsabre collector/enthusiast—a true Star Wars experience!

According to Ben ‘Obi-Wan’ Kenobi, the lightsabre is, “the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” Yes indeed!

The Episode IV Graflex was the very first lightsabre shown, and subsequently, ignited onscreen in 1977. It is my favourite lightsabre of all-time! The finish of this weighty replica is made of high quality, stainless brass, [with] the sabre’s namesake ‘GRAFLEX’ inscribed on the hilt. A very nice, accurate touch! 89Sabers comes ready with the Proffieboard (V2/V3), giving you the best, most premium sound, quality-wise, and experience. Trust me when I tell you [that] swinging this lovely lightsabre around is fantastic!

Whilst the quality of the sabre is the best I have ever seen and/or experienced, what truly impressed me, more than anything, was the outstanding, exemplary Customer Service of CCSabers! Communication with the wonderful shoppe owner, Mister Carl, was also facilitated brilliantly as well; he answered all my questions via email in a prompt and diligent manner. Plus, the sabre shipped super fast—8 days to arrive at my door!

Shop with confidence, shop with wisdom, and shop with CCSabers! I will happily order my next sabres from here, again, in future.

Many thanks to CCSabers!


This saber is very accurate. No words, the best company talking about hilt accuracy!

Pure beauty

Darth Sidious's magnificent 89 saber = Sheev Palpatine and his superb crystal chamber!
Relatively heavy but very easy to handle with its three sparkling colors, delivered with all the necessary accessories, blade, blade plug, saber support, screws etc....
As usual, order was taken and sent quickly, very careful packaging!
Very delighted once again with the very good service & quality from CCSabers which I highly recommend!
Good to you!

DualStrike RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber
Chandler Martin (Middletown, US)
Great sabers

Came right on time and after a bit of research figuring out how they work everything was great. I'm having fun dueling with my little brother

Very good saber, but even better CCSabers service

I can only say, that the service of CCSabers is even better than the sabers they sell 😊 this is my third saber I bought there and the fourth is on the way 😎

My 1st saber!!!

My very first lightsaber and it’s better than I imagined. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase and hopefully I can save up for another one day!

Padawan-E33 RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber
Chris Hofmann (Duisburg, DE)

Padawan-E33 RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber

Baylan Skoll RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber
Sam Wilder (DeKalb, US)

This is by far my favorite saber in my collection. The swing sounds are really smooth. All in all 10/10 hilt. One thing did upset me was the blade that came with isn’t working properly and the gloves get dirty only a few days after using the saber

Perfect!! Exactly what I was expecting, fantastic quality and truly emersive! I did notice the handle was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but honestly that's fine. It is the Padawan after all!

On a side note if you're looking at this, it is compatible with the lightsaber app which is great for customization!

Works great out of the box! However you want to update the board it’s a hassle. It took me like a week to try and learn the programming. CCsabers was also helpful in sending me the TXQ files to change the fonts and colors. However. If I had known how difficult it is, I would have gone with the SNV4. While the Proffie is great, I noticed I didnt really feel the need to program different color settings among other things. So keep that in mind. OTHERWISE, Really great sabers and would totally recommend CCSABERS as their customer service is great. I reached out like 3 times and got a response within 5 minutes.

Padawan-E02A RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber
Ömer F SARIHAN (Istanbul, TR)
Best Star Wars Related Thing in My Life

Since I live in Turkey, it took a lot of time and effort (I had to deal with customs procedures here) in order for me to get this amazing old republic themed lightsaber. The hilt looks amazing, sound fonts and effects are rich and it is really an amazing experience to swing the blade. So in the future i will surely get one of your neopixel lightsabers…

Anakin Skywalker Episode 3 lightsaber 89sabers proffie

Amazing lightsaber! Fast shipping! Even better customer service! First time getting a proffie saber and I had many questions, they answered all of them and helped me get thru my learning curve! Would recommend 100%. Can’t wait for my next saber from them.

Excellent - very happy. Got exactly what was described

Absolutely worth the buy

This lightsaber is absolutely perfect. I’ve been wanting Anakin’s hilt for many many years, especially the 89sabers version and this saber lived up to the expectations. It’s perfect size, very sleek, and every detail is on point. Definitely going to buy from CCSabers again and will for sure recommend to others.

Micro Momentary Tactile Switches
Levi Brooke (Salt Lake City, US)
Soldered right in

Fit just like expected off of my measurements

does the new model have a red light near the emitter

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out. The new model of the 89Sabers Jedi Survivor Proffieboard Neopixel Lightsaber does have a red light near the emitter. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Neopixel Blade
Frederick Strickland
Neopixel Blade

This exactly what wanted and needed.

Incredible Quality

This hilt is amazingly high quality. They have updated the design as well to feature a more accurate copper and silver base on the emitter. The removable chassis housing the Proffie board are super convenient, and it came with a set of gloves and stand with plaque not advertised on the site as well. The stock fonts are okay but I recommend learning Proffie and making your own Proffie setup, there’s a lot better fonts out there (I’m sure they chose what they did to show off all the different effects of a neopixel/Proffie setup). In my review video the fonts (blade styles and sound effects) are not what comes stock, but an example of what you can do if you learn Proffie.

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We're thrilled to hear that you're happy with the quality of our Jedi Survivor Proffieboard lightsaber. We're always looking for ways to improve, so we appreciate your feedback on the design updates. We're glad you're enjoying the convenience of the removable chassis and the bonus items that came with your purchase. We agree that learning Proffie and customizing your own setup can make for an even better experience. Thank you again for your support and for sharing your experience with us. May the Force be with you!

Fast shipping. Great product.

Feels great in hand. Should have ordered a slightly smaller blade size I think but other than that it sounds, feels and looks fantastic.

Luke V1 RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber
Nicholas Benker (Phoenix, US)
Light saber

CC Sabres has great support team products are great Remely happy with my Laber. There was an issue with chassis and the support team got right on it got me a replacement and it works perfect.

Great saber. The LED arrows light up on the control box. Saber is super responsive. The blade because it’s a thin neck takes some alignment with the extended blade ring, but haven’t had an issue with it getting loose and have done a few light contact sparring with my children and other neopixel sabers.

Great quality. Fast shipping. Great price for one of the best looking neopixel Luke ROTJ sabers!


This is the most amazing light saber that I have added to my collection. Words cannot describe how much I love this addition. I have many replica hilts and of course the one I created myself at Galaxy's Edge (which has sentimental value) but this one feels amazing in my hands and the craftmanship of it is also amazing. I will start here for future additions to my collection and already have several on my radar. Thank you.