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Great value and quality!

Received a v4 connector as part of the Proffie deal and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the connector for the price! Happily making my sabers with these. 10/10.

Excellent First Saber

I recently decided to invest in a Neopixel Proffieboard saber, and that was a great decision! The saber is incredibly well made, isn’t too heavy, and has really responsive smooth swing. It’s an excellent saber to buy, I’d highly recommend it. Great job CCSabers and 89sabers, I’ll definitely be purchasing more from them in the future.

LUKE Mando/BoBF Neopixel Lightsaber

Good Quality for Price

Took a little time to get to me, but I ordered it over a holiday weekend. I got the Padawan hilt with neopixel blade. Awesome affects both lighting and sound.

89 Sabers DV4

I researched saber sites for weeks because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about ordering a saber. I apologized for asking so many questions as this was my first saber purchase. They told me not to worry and to ask all the questions I wanted. I finally ordered the 89 Sabers DV4 and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. CC Sabers made the whole purchasing experience easy. I highly recommend this company and will definitely be making more purchases from CC SABERS!!!

Padawan-E35 RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber

First lightsaber

I ordered this saber and it arrived earlier than wes on the website super happy with that and the saber is in superb condition as well.
I did have some questions and the support team got back to me within the same day.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to get there first lightsaber

Obi-Wan Costume

The costume is very authentic and well made. The fit is perfect and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a high quality cosplay costume. Thank you for the great product!

Excellent customer support

Received my order on time and with exceptional customer service

OB 3.5 Great Saber!

Absolutely loved the saber. Received order sooner than most saber orders. Amazing detail, great quality, an amazing saber for a great hero.

Fantastic Neopixel Connector!

Easily the best Neopixel connector on the market! The pads are very easy to solder to, the LEDs are super bright, and the price is phenomenal!! I've already installed these into a few sabers now and I will absolutely be ordering these as my go-to Neopixel connectors from now on!


Excellent customer service and quality. Would highly recommend!

Amazing Saber

Looks so accurate to ezra's saber from the rebels series, feels good in the hand too! Shipping was fast and whithout problems. I'm very happy with it!


Arrived and it is a really great saber. First one I've owned, and I would recommend this one to anyone! Carl at CCSabers has been really helpful before purchasing it and after it as well. Very responsive and helpful!

this is better than most of proffies

it can be fully customizable like proffie but way more cheaper it is wonderful

Just amazing

Amazing costomer service and the product quality is excellent

Gorgeous Ezra Bridger lightsaber

I love the proportions of this lightsaber. It has a nice weight to it and it feels great in my hand. Both the more accurate small emitter and the bigger one, which allows the blade in, look awesome. High quality materials, and nice detailing. Super fast shipping!

Seems like a great replica

TXQ is on fire these last months, i definetly will get this one (trying to help negate the bad review also)

Great saber. Mace is awesome

Doing this to negate the one star review

Top notch quality

89Sabers offers UNBEATABLE quality of their Lightsaber hilts. Over the top materials and detailing. The Cere’s hilt has a great weight to it and looks gorgeous! The connector they offer allows to make a staff with the Fallen Order Lightsaber that is out of this world! Proffie board with sound fonts readily available, and easy to use. Best prices on the market, will definitely purchase more!

1st SN-Pixel V4 saber

Besides the proffie TXQ Darksaber, this is my 2nd order / 1st basic neopixel lightsaber. I liked the Mando's helmet shape emitter and I was surprised with the hilt's weight is lighter than I expected. I also like the pre-installed features with the flickering effect(Darksaber, Kylo Ren) and of course.. the blade was brighter than I thought. Truly this is a worth of price.

Although the control is a bit difficult to use it. I do not know if this applies to the other sabers, but choosing the certain features like ignition and character/color, the button feature takes longer than the Darksaber. But surely I'll get used to it later.

My only problem is the volume part. It only has low volume / high volume instead of adjusting myself.

Other than that, 5 stars for this saber.

Simply Awesome

Great deal! Great boards! Thanks!