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Happy customer

This was my first neopixel lightsaber. CCSabers took care of me with great customer support for all my user-error needs. Carl responded quickly (even on the weekend), kindly, and helpfully. There are so many companies out there offering the same or similar products, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. I feel good about my decision to go with CCSabers. I don't usually write reviews, but I feel like this company earned it.

I love it!

All materials are a very good quality. The buttons function extremely well which isn’t always the case with these upper end light savers. I love the two button configuration. I love the small crystals that light up. It has a nice weight and good balance. Carl also was kind enough to fulfill extra requests I requested and I am so grateful. I would absolutely by this hilt again, and I would absolutely purchased from cc sabers again.

Worth Every Penny

I spent months agonizing over whether or not to buy myself a lightsaber. As a college student, I don’t always have money to spare, but I decided to treat myself for Christmas. I have no regrets. The sound is really good, the lightsaber is beautiful, and it is so much fun. The sounds are great, and it includes 3 background music tracks (the force theme, main theme, and imperial March), various sound fonts so that it sounds completely different when you swing it, beautiful, bright colors… seriously, it’s amazing, and I’m so glad I got it. Shipping took a little long, but considering it came from China, I won’t complain, 10/10


My first neopixel ever. It has good quality, it's easy to swing and just Great in general. Very happy with my purchase.

Fallen order connector

Picked up a connector for my two Sabers
Had ups issues but Carl resolved everything
AAA+++ very please with these Sabers and customer service is most excellent
I recommend these highly

Fantastic product

It arrived in excellent packaging and had plenty of packing to keep it safe. I was able to open it up and immediately start using it. With a little bit of time and study, I have now upgraded the Proffie board to 6.7 and have TONS of customizations done to it. Rocking ALL of Obi Wan's eras: Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep 3, Ep4, and the Obi Wan TV series sound fonts from Kyberphonic. Nice!

The build quality is excellent. the new chassis is solid and sleek. Highly recommend!

My 1st lightsaber

Decided to deep dive in the hobby with this empty hilt and a DIY approach.

That feeling when i opened the box...AMAZING! Can't wait to start the install!

Beautiful and detailed hilt, high quality product, fast shipment.

Dark Apprentices
Andrew Connell
Amazingly Accurate! Maul Hilt

This has to be the coolest saber I own by far even though it is empty it looks amazing on display very great craftsmanship, amazing customer service, fast shipping, great price, and amazing packaging will definitely recommend anyone for this amazing company and will definitely be buying many more sabers from here! Thanks again!

Sister Wen
Jason Pitchios

Awesome sabers

What a beauty!

This is my second saber from CCSabers, and honestly the nicest and most impressive. WOW!!!! This is beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. It arrived very swiftly. This is a must have for anyone who wants a close replica to what was on the Obi-Wan show. The 89Sabers replica is fantastic. Feels great in the hands, and looks incredible!

CCSabers are amazing at their support, and speed in delivery. You are in good hands with them.


This Depa blade is so classy with sandblasted finish and gold plated accents! Definitely my favorite! With the Proffieboard/Neopixel, it is awesome!

Obi-Wan Kenobi tv series lightsaber

Hands down beautiful piece nice weight to it I couldn’t be happier it went perfect with my signed autograph by ewan himself
Another amazing piece to my collection


Hands down - the best I've had a chance to hold and wave around. The electronics are magnificent and I have to mention - this is my first pre-installed purchase. I had issues at first with removing the chassis, but it turns out I didn't do it correctly. The CCSabers Customer Service experts were fast and efficient in getting my product replace and back in my hands fast! I can't thank them enough for this nice addition to my collection!

The best Kylo Concept saber you can ever find!

The quality and the design is very good and solid!

Very nice saber and great support from CCSabers

Shipped fast, received it within 3 days, ran into an issue where the included blade would not ignite, contacted support and was sent a new blade free of charge, worked perfectly and also was shipped fast. Very nice customer service, very nice saber, would definitely recommend.

Great replica

This is my second OB1 style hilt but the first to come from 89Sabers. Compared to the older Korbanth/Parks model, it is very similar in size and weight. The only slight difference being the older Parks model has a purple gem versus this one’s being clear. The 89Sabers chassis isn’t the most user friendly of the hilts I own, but it does the job. The chassis can be a little challenging to get into place versus some of the other installed 89Sabers hilts I own simply due to how deep into the hilt it sits. Overall this is definitely a great addition to any collection.

Best stateside Proffieboard source

Appreciate Carl in keeping his Proffieboard prices incredibly fair. Quality speaks for itself, I haven't had one single board failure or component issue. Install after install & still have nothing but complements for CC Saber's Proffieboards.
As long as the quality stays I'll be buying boards from Carl.

Use them very often

Second most requested pcb connector for my installs, CC Sabers has great quality & price.

Relic Hunter RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber
Treven Arsenault-Métivier
Just amazing

The hilt is just beautiful, very well made and the little details amaze me!! Cheers for the designer of this saber, I am really satisfied!

Great products!

I love getting back up parts from CCSabers! I mainly get my Proffie boards and PCBs from him, but he’s got some other great stuff as well!
Thanks Carl!

Amazing Saber

This is my 2nd 89 Sabers NeoPixel lightsaber I have purchased. The first was through Korbanth, which is a Darth vader hilt, which I absolutely love. This AS3 Anakin hilt is my second purchase and I’m also in love with the hilt on this one. The amount of detail this company puts into their Sabers is incredible. Extremely screen accurate and very well built. Both the vader and anakain hilts I own have a good amount of weight to them which is nice because the weight makes the lightsaber feel very sturdy. All functions work perfectly on the saber.

What I LOVED about purchasing directly through CC Sabers/89 Sabers is that this product came with 2 pages of DETAILED instructions on how to use the saber safely without damaging the software and how to use all of its functions properly. I honestly have no complaints about these hilts, as it is quite obvious they put a lot of time and effort into making them. They look, feel, and work amazing. 10/10 would recommend!

Dark Apprentice - CCSabers Replica Series: The best Dark Apprentice saber Ive found

Really well built saber. I was impressed with the engineering that went into the design and it is very accurate to the original concept sketch even down to the internal tubing. There are a few other versions of this hilt out there, but the others had some inaccurate details such as a too large control box, but this one is just right.

One thing about this saber that may end up being an issue is the inner grip tube: it connects to the upper section of the saber with 4 screws (others screw off) and will be difficult to remove. This will make it more difficult if you are planning a removable chassis, however its worth it for a more accurate saber.

Lego lightsaber

The lightsaber is excellent quality, solid metal hilt and fits well in my hand. There was an issue with shipping, but the customer service was on it before I even realized there was a problem and it was fixed quickly. It did come with a different electronic board than what I ordered, but that was quickly rectified and I’m very happy with this lightsaber and the customer service I received.

Obi-wan Ep3 Lightsaber

What can I say but WOW this has to be the best lightsaber I have bought to date and I have allot of lightsabers. Not only is the lightsaber built amazingly well and has a good weight to it but the price for it has to be the best on the market and I've been searching along time for a good priced Obi lighsaber and I'm so happy I found this website. I cant wait to buy Anakin's lightsaber next.

Great product

I am very pleased with this product. I chose CC Sabers as it was an officially authorized seller of Proffie boards. The product is tested before it ships. It works amazingly and brought my lightsaber project to life extremely well. I will continue to buy all my Proffie boards from CC in the future.