Darksaber V2 Neopixel Lightsaber


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This Darksaber Neopixel Lightsaber is a rare and unique piece from the Mandalorian series. With a full metal hilt and a fully customized blade, this lightsaber packs the most cutting-edge tech available. It is sure to level up your collection. What's new in the V2? Hilt-wise, the color is changed, and the button is changed. More accurate as the one in...


This Darksaber Neopixel Lightsaber is a rare and unique piece from the Mandalorian series. With a full metal hilt and a fully customized blade, this lightsaber packs the most cutting-edge tech available. It is sure to level up your collection.

What's new in the V2? Hilt-wise, the color is changed, and the button is changed. More accurate as the one in the new season. Blade-wise,  the diffusion issue in V1 is solved, you can no longer see the LEDs in the blade. The black paint on the blade is also much more thicker, so the light will not shine through the black part.

Be aware of the V2 blade-only option. No guarantee it will fit other brands' darksabers. Buy at your own risk. It is compatible with most of the V1 darksabers produced in 2023. If you bought it in 2022, send us a picture, and let us check it for you.

Blade: Customized Dark saber blade.
CHIP at your choice
Power: Rechargeable 18650 Battery
Material of hilt: Aluminium alloy 6061.
Material of blade: Polycarbonate.





SN-Pixel V4 lightsabers allow beginners to experience the joy of advanced Neoxpiel technology. SN-Pixel V4 allows you to edit fonts and blade effects. It also has Bluetooth function and a phone App.

Proffieboard is the most cutting-edge technology in the lightsaber industry right now. It can bring you amazing light and sound effects that you have never experienced before, and they can sense and change the sound and light effects according to your wave. You can also customize light effects and sound fonts for these two soundboards.

7-12 days to arrive at your door.

1-YEAR full electronics warranty* by CCSabers.
*: Any kind of man-made physical damage to the hilt and the blade, pulling the wire or opening the hilt with brute force, and putting the battery reversed will void the warranty. But we offer repair services in case these bad things happen. Ask us first before you use your own creativity to do something uncertain!

A customer must have a good and substantial reason to issue a return. Please discuss this with us within 7 days after you receive the order. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping and the $30 restocking fee. (For example: After playing for 6 days and tell us you have a money issue. This is a bad bad reason.)

We are not affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney, or Star Wars in any way. These are licensed terms of their respective owners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Collin Lawrence

It's an amazing saber, me and my buddies have been geeking over for about 2 weeks. Two issues I have is that
1. The darksaber preset doesn't have a flickering or pulsing blade.
2. It's difficult to change the volume.

Robert Ingham

Love V2 just like the reviewers

Steven Baird

A lot of money but a lot of fun....well made and you have to see and hear the effects while holding it to appreciate this saber!

Cato Børsheim

Darksaber Neopixel Lightsaber

Sam Street
Darksaber Neopixel

An absolutely gorgeous hilt. The sound venting is amazing the chassis design is flawless and the blade is wicked bright. My only downside is the tip does not light up well but the pros definitely outweigh that one con.

Noel Harvey
Great saber

Awesome saber. Good weight, new blade Diffusion is definitely a nice upgrade.

Only 2 gripes is my proffie chasis didn't come with a killswitch and the D ring is a little loose.

Ark Vizsla
The quality is excellent as I expected. Except few things... (Update)

Sorry about the late review, I tried to contact with the owner for a while but no response.
I'll write everything I see with this Darksaber.

* This review is based on the 1st generation model of TXQ Darksaber.

First of all, the quality of this Darksaber is what I imagined. The hilt is very light and easy to swing. The accuracy is almost good as the Korbanth. In case the color of the hilt, this is not a 'screen used'. More like a 'screen prop' that was revealed in Mandalorian Experience 2022. The blade's quality is excellent and nailed it with the shape like a screen accurate style except the tip part is less sharp. Probably better finishing touch than Korbanth's. But I noticed that the blade is much longer and the size of the black core paint has gone thinner than what I searched. Not a problem.. just weird it got changed without notice.

Now here is the common issues with the Darksaber.
- For Darksaber font, you won't get to see the flickering effect from the pre-installed proffie.
- Like in the image, the blade is not diffused well that it exposes the whole LED strip in the blade. You can see the whole LED line that might ruin your expectation. In camera, it doesn't show it like this so most of the reviews you all seen will not look like this.
- As a result, the lack of sanding and diffusion has caused the ultra bright. Almost enough to blind it. Carl said that sanding may cover this, but I have not seen who tried this. Probably because it can damage the black paint.
- Also the black paint is a matte black, but easy to get scratch/damage it. And since it's not a deep black paint like a vinyl decal, the LED can bleed out from the black paint.
- Since the blade length has gone increased than the replica and other custom blades, it may look like it's bent to other side due to the weight of the blade cannot hold it from the hilt.(Or at least that's what I see.) Again..I believe this is a common issues from all the Darksaber blades. Not sure if there is an option for a small blade like in the show.
(Update: I reached to the owner and he confirms their blade size is only one and bent part is normal due to the different type of blade's weight only holds between the emitter with the screws except the tip side.)

- Another common issue is the light does not go through all the way to the tip of the blade. This is also an issue from official replicas(Check the Mandalorian season 2 behind the scene) and other custom Darksabers. Let's hope they fix this issue when TXQ warehouse makes a new blade.

Now here's my issues with this Darksaber. Probably minor... but concerned.
When I got my order from CCSabers and unboxed it, there are some several quality issues with their components finishing touch from the CCSabers.

- Despite the great quality of the hilt, the activation switch part and the silver part in the image, you can see some defects... a pretty bad finishing touch. Unlike their introduction video or even worse than official replicas.
- Like on the image, when I open the chassis, the hot glue was flying around like a spider web. Even the edge of blade side with neopixel symbol, you can see the hot glues are not cleaned up very well.
- When I try to swing slowly, I hear some clicking noise between the hilt and the blade. No matter how I tight the screw enough. Hopefully this is a common issue.

The functions are still working, so that's no problem. Just these problems are a bit disappointing.

I tried to contact here several times with their chat to discuss the issue. But they did not responded back for a month. I believe that Carl and CCSabers did their best with the customer service like everyone said, but after the return policy date, I lost contact with them. I understand that because of their busy schedule with the May the 4th event. But I need these issues to be fixed. ($450 is still a high price.)

(After their shipping update announcement, they were indeed doing their best with dealing the shipping orders from the sales event and gladly I reached out to him.)

Overall, I do recommend this Darksaber for a current sales price. Don't aim for the same thing that other vendors selling this with more high price. It's a good choice if you are aiming for close screen accurate one. Especially when it comes to the price compare to Korbanth. But make sure to check and discuss with any problems before you buy it. But If you ever feel disappointed with the blade's LED exposure, try sanding/diffusion the blade or wait for the update version in the future.


- I found out the image of possible new blade for Darksaber on Aliexpress. Not sure if this is true but looks a lot better. (It is now confirmed.)
- TXQSaber is currently working on new skin for Darksaber. More closer to the Mandalorian show.

Noam Meshi
Review on CCsabers Darksaber

The saber is a great weight, a little heavy. The design is spot on, some of the screws can be hidden a little better. The Proffieboard is a little hard to code but I don't know if that's everyone's board. The thing that annoyed me the most was probably the LEDs, you can see the individual LED and it kind of takes away from the magic of the neopixels, and the tip of the saber doesn't light up and that also gets on my nerves sometimes. But other than that this saber is amazing.