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This unique lightsaber, based on the Revan Jedi design, features a rare purple blade and an iconic trident shape. Durable and packed with RGB and Neopixel features, this is a perfect choice for the galaxy's most famous warrior.    SPECS: Hilt Length: 303*33mm Standard blade plug for Neopixel optionsBlade: 1” OD blade, 36" length by default, 32" per requested, 2mm...

Blade Length

This unique lightsaber, based on the Revan Jedi design, features a rare purple blade and an iconic trident shape. Durable and packed with RGB and Neopixel features, this is a perfect choice for the galaxy's most famous warrior.

Hilt Length: 303*33mm
Standard blade plug for Neopixel options
Blade: 1” OD blade, 36" length by default, 32" per requested, 2mm thickness.
CHIP at your choice
Power: Rechargeable 18650 Battery
Material of hilt: Aluminium alloy 6061.
Material of blade: Polycarbonate.




RGB lightsabers allow you to taste the fun of a lightsaber without spending too much money. Since it does not have LED strips in the blade. It is extremely durable and good for people who like dueling. Be aware, you cannot edit the sound fonts and blade effects for the RGB sabers.

SN-Pixel V4 lightsabers allow beginners to experience the joy of advanced Neoxpiel technology. SN-Pixel V4 allows you to edit fonts and blade effects. It also has Bluetooth function and a phone App.

Proffieboard is the most cutting-edge technology in the lightsaber industry right now. It can bring you amazing light and sound effects that you have never experienced before, and they can sense and change the sound and light effects according to your wave. You can also customize light effects and sound fonts for these two soundboards.

7-12 days to arrive at your door.

1-YEAR full electronics warranty* by CCSabers.
*: Any kind of man-made physical damage to the hilt and the blade, pulling the wire or opening the hilt with brute force, and putting the battery reversed will void the warranty. But we offer repair services in case these bad things happen. Ask us first before you use your own creativity to do something uncertain!

A customer must have a good and substantial reason to issue a return. Please discuss this with us within 7 days after you receive the order. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping and the $30 restocking fee. (For example: After playing for 6 days and tell us you have a money issue. This is a bad bad reason.)

We are not affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney, or Star Wars in any way. These are licensed terms of their respective owners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

This lightsaber is no joke. Made a die hard Star Wars fan very happy.

Brandon Dairo (San Diego, US)
Jedi Revan and Darth Revan Neopixel Lightsabers with SN Pixel V4.0 Soundboard

I received my order a few days ago and can't say enough about how impressed I am. After charging the batteries the setup was very simple. Both sabers came in excellent condition with solid craftsmanship. These were my second and third lightsabers but first from CC Sabers, but I can easily say that these won't be my last from this company. As someone who is new to purchasing sabers and not the most computer savvy, I can say I'm most happy with the amount of presets that come already loaded onto the soundboard. There are 27 sound fonts, 12 blade colors, 9 blade effects, 11 boot effects, multiple different types of background music from the movies, and certain sound fonts come with additional quotes from the movies. I even did some light dueling with friends and the blades seem to be rather solid. Of note, the Darth Revan saber even comes with a nice dark brown leather warp that can be applied to the hilt. I was fortunate to get the sabers with some deals and added gifts on Black Friday so I definitely can say they were worth the price. On top of that, the sabers showed up in a little less than 3 weeks despite the holidays. All that being said, if you're new to buying lightsabers or already very experienced, I can say that this is a company definitely worth considering! Thank you, again CC Sabers!

Very nice, but with some minor design flaws (Tallahassee, US)
New Review, Found AUX button

New Review Here! I left the two-star review mentioning the missing AUX button. PLEASE DISREGARD THAT. Upon checking the bubble wrap sack that the saber was packaged in, I found the button and screwed it into its place. Not sure how that happened, but no harm done.

With that said, I can vouch that this is a very nice iteration of Revan's Jedi saber. The sound quality is crisp and loud, It has a sturdy but manageable weight, and despite the fins, the grip and handling are solid too. The pixel blade it came with is decent, but has some design quirks at the cap and base. I'll probably swap it with a blade from Bendu Armory soon. Now, I only have a couple of other criticisms of the design:

- The hilt shaft is very snug, which took some getting used to. However, coupled with a retention screw, the blade is held very firmly with no wobble. Removing the blade only take mild effort with a bit of twisting. Unfortunately, the snugness makes use of the blade plug very tricky. It's difficult to remove after flushing it in; let's just saw I'm glad that the saber came with a pair of cloth gloves, for their grip, since the plug's cap is smooth metal. Keep that in mind if you want to use the blade plug.

- The claw fins come installed on the hilt, but they were a little bit loose on arrival. You'll want to keep a screwdriver kit handy in order to tighten these if it happens to you. They stay in place perfectly after tightening though. Also. the points of the fins are angled slightly away from the hilt shaft, which decreases the accuracy of its look a bit. However, I imagine this was probably intentional; installing or removing the blade/plug would be even more difficult if the fins were totally "game-accurate", so I'll let that slide.

Aside from those minor issues, the saber is excellent. It's also likely the best price you'll find for this particular saber with a neopixel system installed. It comes loaded with sound fonts, ignition and blade effects, etc., and the SN Pixel v4 board features robust customization features and I've heard is compatible with Proffie formatted fonts, so that opens up a lot of space to add new ones.

I have never bought a lightsaber before so...

I have never bought a lightsaber before so I was kind of making a shot in the dark, but I am pleased to say that it was well paid off. The product is very well made and it is stunning to look at. Changing the blade color took a little trial and error but it was relatively easy to set up. The shipping was also surprisingly fast and I had my blade within a week or so. I see myself buying from them in the future.

Julie Landis (Warren, US)
Revan Jedi 2.0 RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber

Absolutely amazing! One of the best gifts ever to our Star Wars loving 11-year-old. The saber is so legit. We have a few other store bought ones that are now brought to shame by the effect, lighting, and sounds of the CCSabers saber. It exhumes quality from top to bottom. We love it.

This hilt is easier to grip and hold than...

This hilt is easier to grip and hold than an older version I had. A few screws were loose, but were easy enough to fasten tight. Overall, I'm very happy with this lightsaber

Best looking lightsaber I've ever had. Gre...

Best looking lightsaber I've ever had. Great customer service as well.


Exactly what I wanted

It was perfect for when the power went out...

It was perfect for when the power went out, I felt very powerful. It arrived in perfect condition and it works great. Thank you!

Ryan Bullock (Shepherdsville, US)

Revan Jedi 2.0 RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber