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They have six colors in all. Various specifications and emitting colors of light emitting diode meet your demand. Data sheet inside kit box shows 3mm LED’s working range. Excellent Quality: Every LED is examined rigidly before being put into the box. Kit Box for Storage: Don't worry you will mix them up or lose them. All different colors of super bright LED diodes are placed respectively in a neat kit box.

Red: 1.8-2.0V, 20mA

Yellow: 1.8-2.0V, 20mA

Green: 3.0-3.2V, 20mA

Blue: 3.0-3.2V, 20mA

White: 3.0-3.2V, 20mA

Purple: 3.2-3.4V, 20mA

The long foot is positive, the short foot is negative.

Notice: The price is only for one LED.

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