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89Sabers-2022 Graflex EP4-Removable Chassis. Graflex lightsaber series is a product of 89Sabers that has been carefully cultivated for many years. It adopts the production process of movie props: the same materials, with better surface detail processing technology. It accurately reproduces the size and detailed appearance of movie props. The main section is made of high-quality brass. After stamping, brushing, and polished. It has an electroplated...

89Sabers-2022 Graflex EP4-Removable Chassis.

Graflex lightsaber series is a product of 89Sabers that has been carefully cultivated for many years. It adopts the production process of movie props: the same materials, with better surface detail processing technology. It accurately reproduces the size and detailed appearance of movie props. The main section is made of high-quality brass. After stamping, brushing, and polished. It has an electroplated appearance. Internal parts are made of aviation aluminum. It is a great piece for your collection.

The chassis inside the lightsaber is made of 3D-printed nylon. It is the circuit support skeleton. The chassis is durable, beautiful, and easy to use.

The Proffieboard V2.2 soundboard is an open-source chip with powerful functions. The Proffie soundboard has been continuously updated and designed with more light effects and gameplay functions.

Features of the Proffieboard V2.2:

-Optimize the smooth swing performance, the lightsaber sound effect is smooth, clear, and loud.

-Optimize the coordination of light and sound effects, very sensitive and no delay. Power-on, power-off, strike, swing, and thrust have corresponding sound effects.

-Optimize the chip memory and add the power-on self-test function to the chip.

-Added lightsaber rotation power-on, thrust power-on, and action power-on functions. 

-Add the function of changing the color of the lightsaber. By rotating the lightsaber, you can choose the blade color from the infinity color ring.

-Added lightsaber volume adjustment function.

-Light effect introduction: pure color blade, flame blade, electromagnetic light effect, gradient color, flashing light effect. Update 8 sets of new light effects, and increase the burst flash effect. (Light effects refer to flowing light, flashes, gradients, flames, etc. Colors refer to red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.)

New Chassis Design:

In the latest universal chassis design in 2022, the chassis can be turned on and off independently. There are accent LEDs on the chassis. The KillSwitch is added, so the battery can last for a long time. The physical battery anti-reverse protection function has been also added.


The hilt is 320mm long and 35mm in diameter

Blade length: 880 mm. Out diameter is 1 inch = 25.4 mm

Weight: 780 grams

Proffieboard V2.2

Battery: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery

Battery life: about 60 minutes

Charging time 3-4 hours (5V, 1A specification charging)

High-quality 3W high-power bass speakers.

Glowing Neopixel Connector

Customized high-strength thick-walled blade, with high-brightness LED strips, the brightness is uniform. It will not be broken, you can smash it confidently.

List of Accessories:

x1 1-inch high-strength 90cm blade (If you do not need the blade, use the "89NOBLADE" code during the checkout)

x1 Blade plug (For decoration when no blade is inserted)

x1 Battery charger (Please use a 5V 1A charging dock or a computer USB port)

x1 18650 rechargeable lithium battery

x1 A pair of gloves

x1 Hard carry case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
M.R.I. (Uniontown, US)
Indeed, a Truly Elegant Weapon:

The original, the infamous, the iconic Graflex lightsabre! My oh my, this sabre is gorgeous! Being a high-end 89Sabers lightsabre replica, every detail is meticulously crafted, designed to give you—the lightsabre collector/enthusiast—a true Star Wars experience!

According to Ben ‘Obi-Wan’ Kenobi, the lightsabre is, “the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” Yes indeed!

The Episode IV Graflex was the very first lightsabre shown, and subsequently, ignited onscreen in 1977. It is my favourite lightsabre of all-time! The finish of this weighty replica is made of high quality, stainless brass, [with] the sabre’s namesake ‘GRAFLEX’ inscribed on the hilt. A very nice, accurate touch! 89Sabers comes ready with the Proffieboard (V2/V3), giving you the best, most premium sound, quality-wise, and experience. Trust me when I tell you [that] swinging this lovely lightsabre around is fantastic!

Whilst the quality of the sabre is the best I have ever seen and/or experienced, what truly impressed me, more than anything, was the outstanding, exemplary Customer Service of CCSabers! Communication with the wonderful shoppe owner, Mister Carl, was also facilitated brilliantly as well; he answered all my questions via email in a prompt and diligent manner. Plus, the sabre shipped super fast—8 days to arrive at my door!

Shop with confidence, shop with wisdom, and shop with CCSabers! I will happily order my next sabres from here, again, in future.

Many thanks to CCSabers!

Andrew Sisson (Columbus, US)

I want to preface this by saying that the shop owner is fantastic and responsive. The saber was in perfect condition and everything was included. My only gripe is with the 89 sabers portion of it. This is no fault of CC sabers, but the 89 sabers installs are not the greatest. Luckily, I have a background in software engineering so reprogramming it wasn't hard. Just keep in mind you're going to have to tinker with this saber if you want to get the best out of it. There's plenty of resources out there to figure it out.

Aidan Rumfelt (Wichita Falls, US)

The saber is awesome, has the sound I want on it and it’s super well balanced, been handling it about a week now and I just love it, had to fix the blade plug, but other than that, perfect!

Aidan Rumfelt (Wichita Falls, US)
Just wow..

Might be because I’ve wanted this thing since 2015, but this thing is amazing! It feels great, everything works great! Switching the d ring was really easy, but I will say that the blade plug snapped in the box, simple fix just kind of unfortunate but all and all, an amazing saber!

Anonymous (Neunkirchen, DE)
The best Lightsabers

You built the best Lightsabers in the Galaxy..!! Beautyful..!!
Greetings from Germany Uwe

Katherine (Flower Mound, US)
Really. Truly. Awesome.

I'm a total geek and I'm from Baltimore so this may be a little biased... That being said - I love this lightsaber! The authenticity and quality is just beautiful and delivery was quick. Trying to figure out which one I want to order next

Jason Stirsman (Cincinnati, US)
The graflex lightsaber

I got the graflex ANH lightsaber and it is beautiful! The sound is good quality and with the proffie board, I can program the lightsaber to do whatever I want from colors to styles. Very happy with my purchase and will be purchasing more on the future.

James Gibbons
Fantastic quality

Incredibly well built. Fast delivery and great customer service. Highly recommend!

Tristan Davidson
Great saber

Perfect replica and really nice install.

Thomas E. (Grove City, US)
Really nice saber hilt, BUT...

The saber hilt is beautiful and very well made. However, there are a few things that are bothering me about it. First, in 24 hours, there is already some nickel plating starting to peel on the tip of the clamp lever. That's not a huge deal, but after one day? Oof. The hilt came out of the box with the beer tab screw having fallen out, and the glass eye screwed in about half way. Neither are a huge deal, but if I hadn't noticed the missing bolt laying in the box, the spacer would've been long gone in another moment. And the D-ring isn't at all like the one in the photos (which looks much more accurate) and it was screwed on in the wrong place. Also not a HUGE deal, but still- annoying.

Here's my big problem- the installed fonts are absolute trash. There's maybe ten, and only a couple of them are installed correctly. One Graflex font from TLJ has a pink blade, not blue. There's two from TFA- one has a yellow fire blade that makes no sense (should be plain blue), and the other has a dark blue blade and a loud buzz half the time during smooth swing. (That shows up in several other fonts as well, like the only semi-accurate Darth Vader font) The second Darth font has a ridiculous scrolling fire blade and weird sounds. "Smooth Jedi" is installed twice. And all of the clash and melt effects are lazy and don't move or change like the newest versions should. It honestly makes my Golden Harvest installed hilt look like an absolute jewel by comparison.

It's really disappointing, considering that every mention of the installed files for the other, cheaper quality hilts have over twenty fonts, and this has less than half, and only three of them are much use. And of course, there is ZERO information from 89Sabers about what they're loaded with anywhere on the site.

Bottom line: I absolutely love the hilt, even though it had a few small issues out of the box- most were easy fixes; but the programming leaves a LOT to be desired.

I just ordered a replacement chassis with 32 fonts preloaded onto it from a other site. Here's hoping it works out better than the included one. But hey, this gives me an extra to play with and learn on.