Become A Jedi By Creating Your Own Lightsaber

Build your own lightsaber to harness the power of the Force

For anyone with a passion for distant galaxies, building a custom lightsaber is a dream. We make it a reality. With a variety of hilts to choose from, we make it easy to build your own lightsaber online and follow the path of a Jedi or Sith. Browse the selection on the CCSabers website to see all available options. From rare, unique designs to designs inspired by the classic knife handles you know and love - all made with durable materials that will last. Whether you're an avid duelist, cosplayer, or just a Star Wars fan, build your own lightsaber now and take the first step toward shaping your destiny.

How to make a custom lightsaber?

Become A Jedi By Creating Your Own Lightsaber

We've made tens of thousands of lightsabers over the years, and you can bet we've learned a thing or two. We've improved and refined the process of building a lightsaber on our website and it's easier than ever. Choose your hilt above and our custom lightsaber builder will walk you through each step of the process to customize your own lightsaber, including:

  • The color of your lightsaber blade
  • Features on the hilt
  • Your lightsaber launcher
  • Your lightsaber head (end cap)
  • Sound and other enhancements
  • Electronics, such as color-changing options
  • Accessories and other parts for storage and maintenance

From sabers that evoke the honor of the Jedi Order to sabers that harness the power of the dark side, we'll help you create a real-life lightsaber that's worth showing. If you have additional questions about building a custom lightsaber, please contact us.