Every Star Wars Fan’s Favourite Present - Neopixel Lightsaber

Every Star Wars Fan’s Favourite Present - Neopixel Lightsaber

What is Neopixel?

While the standard RGB lightsaber is pretty good for active combat, the new hotness from neopixel tech is way more the speed of affluent collectors. When you turn on a neopixel lightsaber, you get a much fuller experience with a brighter light that has a special radiance similar to what we’ve all cherished in the movies.

Not only does neopixel enhance a brighter lightsaber, but it also makes its design more versatile. A neopixel saber has different LED strips inside the blade instead of just in the hilt. That means you get way more capability for special effects, colors, and tailored animations. It also means you can play a bit more with the overall design of your lightsaber (a la Kylo Ren).

What can you do with a neopixel lightsaber?

First off, yes, you can do some light to medium dueling if needed. The construction of flexible LEDs inside the blade allows for some damage, but we’d suggest avoiding full-on Darth Maul fight scene recreation.

Other than battle, neopixel lightsabers offer a wet dream to cosplayers and collectors. The different configurations of blade scrolling effects, animations, blaster bolt deflection, unstable blade effects, and more are only limited by your imagination.

Every Star Wars Fan’s Favourite Present - Neopixel Lightsaber
With neopixel, you can build a completely customizable lightsabe  that emulates your favorite character from the mind of George Lucas or dive into your own fantasy and develop a persona outside canon for a more personalized experience.

The advantage of these builds is that the individual LEDs can be uniquely controlled for different effects. This gives you way more versatility over standard RGB baselit lightsabers. As for the rest of the build, everything is pretty much the same. The hilt still houses all the electronics, batteries, and soundboards to elevate your lightsaber experience.

You do need to keep in mind that neopixel technology is more power-hungry than RGB lightsabers. Even though they use LED tech, they will drain a battery faster. If you plan on using your neopixel lightsabe  for a cosplay convention or party, you may want to bring backup batteries.

Every Star Wars Fan’s Favourite Present

If your favourite childhood present was a Star Wars toy lightsaber, you’ll love the cool new innovative Lightsabers that are now available at CCSabers. In the old days, the toy light sabers we had back then were nothing more than some plastic and battery-operated lights that fell apart pretty quickly from excessive play.