How To Choose A Unique Lightsaber?

How To Choose A Unique Lightsaber?

You've saved up all of your money, and now, like the ultimate Star Wars fan, you want to get a really cool posh lightsaber. The thing is, which one are you going to get? There's a massive array out there, from standards to shotos to curved hilts and more. Then come to CCSabers.

How To Choose A Unique Lightsaber?

1. Consider your preferences

  • Look at your combat style. Which form do you prefer-- Makashi, Soresu, Djem So? Something else? Particular forms work better with different lightsaber styles.
  • Consider your physique. A short person would have real trouble wielding a lightclub. A strong person probably doesn't want to use a curved-hilt lightsaber. Certain lightsabers require certain physical traits to wield effectively.

2. Look at the lightsaber options

There are plenty of choices for you to make in CCSabers. Understand that a standard lightsaber is the best option for most situations. There is a reason that it's called the "standard" lightsaber. This is the traditional Jedi weapon and is used for all seven classical lightsaber forms. It offers a good balance between reach and maneuverability.

At CCSabers, the sabers are divided into 3 tiers: Padawan Tier Lightsabers, Elite Tier Lightsabers, Master Tier Lightsabers. You can browse our website and make the most suitable choice according to your preferences.

3. Finish up with cosmetic options

Look at the style of the hilt. Find something that you like. You might want a leather handgrip, or metal ridges, or axe-style blades on either side of the lightsaber blade.

CCSabers is not only a lightsaber shop, but also sells lightsaber accessories. If you want other saber components, go for them! This is especially true if you're making your own saber. The possibilities for customisation are endless.