Reasons To Choose CCSabers As The Place To Buy Your Lightsabers

Configure your own personal saber and show your true colors. Defend peace for the light, or impose your will for the darkness! For any fan of distant galaxies, we have different options. Whether it's a trusted combat partner or a showcase, CCSabers is ready to bring an elegant weapon to your collection.

Custom and Diverse Sounds

Customization is our founding principle and our main mission. We use a variety of parts and kits from many sources to find the best one for you! Whether it's a high-quality handle kit or a budget-friendly option, we have a range of options to make it your own! Paired with the best sounds on the market from Kyberphonic and KSith, your Saber will be complete.

Reasons To Choose CCSabers As The Place To Buy Your Lightsabers

Quality and Durability

We strive for the highest possible quality and attach importance to selecting the best available parts for our custom installations. From etching to custom machining, we are determined to deliver excellence.

Affordable and Feature-Rich

From our budget picks to our high-end collections. All of our 89Sabers, Saber Components and Neopixel Lightsabres will feature different blade styles, gesture controls, color changing, blaster blocks and more!