Want To Own A Dueling Lightsaber Of Your Own?

Jedi may be peacekeepers, but even Yoda knows when to prepare for a duel with the dark forces. With the dueling lightsaber from CCSabers, you can recreate your favorite fights or forge your own destiny while staying in tune with the Force. CCSabers' lightsabers give you the sight, sound and real feel you need. Allows you to actually duel your friends with them. CCSabers is one of the top lightsaber companies based in Maryland, USA, and we bet you'll love our lightsaber replicas. Discover the best dueling lightsabers and create your own to rule the galaxy.

Whether you're on the dark side or the light side, the saber is the weapon of choice for the Sith and Jedi. If you're ready to engage in epic conflict, you don't want a saber made from general store junk parts - you want something otherworldly. Made of premium materials like pure metal and polycarbonate, the saber can handle even the toughest duels.

Why are lightsabers of CCSabers the best for duels?

Want To Own A Dueling Lightsaber Of Your Own?

All our sabers are ready for battle. When you're at CCSabers, you can duel it no matter what option you choose. With our custom dueling lightsaber, you'll get the exact look you need and the durability you need for a duel. In addition to being made from pure metal and polycarbonate, our sabers are also made with a light source in the handle - no cheap LED strings that can easily break in the blade. And, whether you want something completely unique or something directly inspired by Star Wars, CCSabers lightsaber hilts will give you a level of detail and durability that will impress any Jedi. These are also dueling lightsabers with a sound component that will stay intact even when the fight heats up.

A custom lightsaber for a duel should also be tailored to your liking, especially when it comes to hilt size and style. Consider what will make you comfortable in combat and choose what works for you. For example, users with smaller hands should consider a smaller handle such as our T-Shield RGB/Neopixel Lightsaber. Also, while it's really incredible to use like Darth Maul, they also require more combat discipline and can be difficult for beginners to use. Keep your goals in mind and design a custom dueling lightsaber to help you achieve them.

It's time to start the real journey. Come to CCSabers one-stop online store for lightsabers and accessories.