Welcome To CCSabers

Welcome To CCSabers - Your One Stop Shop For Lightsabers & Accessories

Welcome to CCSabers. After a lot of research and development, we've finally opened the door to bring you what we believe to be the toughest and most beautiful custom lightsaber in the galaxy. We hope you will enjoy our lightsabers as much as everyone at CCSabers.

CCSabers has put together a very unique collection of elegant dueling lightsabers designed for serious lightsaber combat. Our custom lightsaber hilts will last a lifetime and bring you sustained victory on the battlefield with unmatched power and style.

CCSabers' unique collection of lightsabers will help you realize the lightsaber of your dreams, and they will continue to expand as we develop more and more beautiful custom lightsaber hilts for your own collection. We offer traditional RGB lightsabers, Profie board lightsabers, and of course the ever-dominant GHv3 Phase 4 soundboard for the best dueling lightsabers. We also offer a wide range of accessories to complement all of our lightsaber builds. CCSabers is one of the best places to buy lightsabers and we wish you a great shopping experience with our lightsabers company.

All of our custom lightsabers are covered under our CCSabers warranty, including neopixel lightsabers, RGB lightsabers and lightsabers. Enjoy lifetime quality customer service even after the CCSabers warranty expires. We custom and quality control all of our unique lightsabers in the CCSabers workshop before shipping. If you have any questions, please click on the contact page to contact us and rest assured that your new lightsaber will last a lifetime.

Welcome To CCSabers - Your One Stop Shop For Lightsabers & Accessories