What You Need To Know To Buy Lightsabers At CCSabers?

What You Need To Know To Buy Lightsabers At CCSabers?

How is CCSabers different from other lightsaber sellers?

CCSabers is a one-stop lightsabers and accessories store located in Maryland, USA. We manufacture our own components and lightsaber handles, and also distribute products from other businesses. Unlike many sellers who sell lightsabers on Etsy, we make our own electronic components and parts. We also designed some lightsaber products ourselves. Therefore, we have two advantages over other merchants. The first is that we are able to bring quality products to our customers at lower prices. Second, we can provide maintenance and after-sales service by ourselves.

On our website you will find high quality neopixel lightsabers at affordable prices. While our competitors charge premium prices, we make sure our sabers are affordable and definitely worth buying. We also have a variety of sabers with different functions to choose from. So please visit our website and browse them!

What You Need To Know To Buy Lightsabers At CCSabers?

Are CCSabers designed for duels and fights?

We are proud of our sabers because they can withstand heavy duels. Our blades are made of strong polycarbonate material that is shatterproof and slightly flexible to prevent it from breaking. Be sure to take proper safety precautions and wear proper safety equipment before a duel. CCSabers is not responsible for any harm.

How long does it take for an order to be processed and shipped?

Lightsabers in stock in the U.S. ship within 1-3 business days. Usually shipped on the next business day. Direct mail from a Chinese factory usually arrives at your door in about 2 weeks. Tracking numbers are usually sent to customers within a week. But it also depends on the factory's inventory. If there are special circumstances, I will write a separate email to communicate with the buyer. If there is a problem on the factory side, CCSabers will be responsible for your order. So don't be afraid. We put the interests of our clients first.

Do I also get a warranty?

Yes, at CCSabers we offer a full year free warranty on our sabers. Please contact our support team.