Why CCSabers?

Why CCSabers?

Why CCSabers?

If you're asking this question, you likely fit into one of these two categories:
  1. You're a saber enthusiast—maybe even a seasonsed saber enthusiast—looking for the next addition to your collection or
  2. You're getting acquainted with the world of high-end dueling sabers and are wondering where's the best jumping off point.

For the saber enthusiast

Not being stuck with one hilt build. CCSabers' "At-Home" customizability (meaning, you don't customize it online, order it, and are then stuck with that build) gives you the ability to have a saber you can keep changing with your interests, or the direction of your cosplay, without having to buy a whole new hilt.

A less costly, ongoing side project

If you're a saber enthusiast, you're also likely a "tinkerer"—someone who likes understanding how something works and having the ability to modify functionality at-will. There's also a good chance you've got a spouse, life partner, or parent who doesn't quite share your fascination with sabers or saber lore.

Convincing yourself or others that delegating funds to your most recent "cool idea" can be tough, but especially when the cost for the parts bring that vision to life are so high.

Why CCSabers?

Enters CCSabers Saber Components

CCSabers' one year warranty

You want a saber you're proud of that you're also not afraid to duel with. You likely already have a saber that makes you feel like the force-wielder your inner 10-year-old self believes you are. Not every company out there provides a warranty on their blades. CCSabers provides lifetime tech support and one year warranty for our lightsabers. So, get the saber that you can customize to look the way you like and that you can enter duels without "pulling punches" on your strikes!

Whether you're a long-time saber enthusiast or just entering the saber scene, CCSabers' all-inclusive feature set, at-home customizability, and warranties provide either a dynamic addition to your saber collection or a great starting point for your saber journey.