How Do Lightsabers Work?

How Do Lightsabers Work?

Lightsabers have always been the focus of Star Wars fans. No matter how many times we watch a lightsaber duel, it always feels the same as the first time we watched it. Some fans just want to learn more about the lightsaber. Their curiosity about lightsabers keeps growing. Now that we've seen what a lightsaber does, we want to know how a lightsaber works? What principles do they follow? Where does the energy to run these blades come from? Let's find out.

Lightsaber  are nothing like traditional swords that require some iron to forge. They are a mixture of nature, talent, skill and technology. Many different components come together to create a lightsaber that can produce blades that can reach temperatures of up to 25,000 degrees Celsius. Let's look at these components one by one.

Kyber crystals define the qualities of a lightsaber

Which lightsaber the user has depends on the quality of the crystal and connection to the Force user. Many different lightsabers like Shota lightsaber, standard lightsaber, double bladed lightsaber and many more. Red kyber crystals don't exist in nature, so the Sith infused negative emotions into the kyber crystal, which eventually turned it red.

Kyber crystal

Kyber Crystals, also known as Focusing Crystals, are the primary energy source for lightsabers. These crystals are rare in nature and can only be found on a handful of planets. After passing all the trials, each Padawan must find the Kyber Crystal connected to him. He will then craft a lightsaber out of Kyber crystals.

Power battery

Let's go back to the components. How does the lightsaber work? The next component to keep this killing machine running is the battery. Yes! Kyber Crystals are the power bank of the lightsaber. Still, we need extra energy to extract the power of the crystal and keep the whole hilt running.

Since the Star Wars galaxy is more technologically advanced than our world, they developed batteries small enough to fit inside the handle and store a lot of power. Some Jedi also carry extra Diatanium batteries with them in case of emergency.

However, the earliest lightsabers weren't all that advanced. Around 1000, at the beginning of lightsabers, they used external batteries because they were too big to fit inside the hilt. They attached these batteries to the hilt with a cord that could be cut in combat and was not reliable enough. So lightsabers evolved over time.


The hilt of a lightsaber is not just a handle, but the hardware that connects all the points. Crafting a lightsaber does not require any unique materials. You can make a handle out of anything. Like we saw Ezra Bridger combine his hilt with a pistol. Likewise, Corran Horn used some parts of the vehicle to build his handle.

However, technically, the knife handle should be made of a strong and reliable material like metal. Second, the material should be an insulator or insulate from the battery. Some professional wide-eyed alien engineers designed a Jedi or Sith lightsaber whose hilt never shorted out.

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How Do Lightsabers Work?


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