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89Sabers - 2022 Jedi Survivor - Removable Chassis. The lightsaber from the new game Jedi Survivor. The entire appearance of the game settings has been restored.  This saber is compatible with the FO connector. It can be connected to the Cere's saber or the FO V3 saber in our store.The whole saber is made of aviation aluminum material. It also increases...

89Sabers - 2022 Jedi Survivor - Removable Chassis.

The lightsaber from the new game Jedi Survivor. The entire appearance of the game settings has been restored. 

This saber is compatible with the FO connector. It can be connected to the Cere's saber or the FO V3 saber in our store.

The whole saber is made of aviation aluminum material. It also increases the appearance of color matching: metallic gray, bright silver, copper, and black.

The hollow design at the pommel allows the light to shine through, and the visual effect is very good.

The chassis inside the lightsaber is made of 3D-printed nylon. It is the circuit support skeleton. The chassis is durable, beautiful, and easy to use.

The Proffieboard V2.2 soundboard is an open-source chip with powerful functions. The Proffie soundboard has been continuously updated and designed with more light effects and gameplay functions.

Features of the Proffieboard V2.2:

-Optimize the smooth swing performance, the lightsaber sound effect is smooth, clear, and loud.

-Optimize the coordination of light and sound effects, very sensitive and no delay. Power-on, power-off, strike, swing, and thrust have corresponding sound effects.

-Optimize the chip memory and add the power-on self-test function to the chip.

-Added lightsaber rotation power-on, thrust power-on, and action power-on functions. 

-Add the function of changing the color of the lightsaber. By rotating the lightsaber, you can choose the blade color from the infinity color ring.

-Added lightsaber volume adjustment function.

-Light effect introduction: pure color blade, flame blade, electromagnetic light effect, gradient color, flashing light effect. Update 8 sets of new light effects, and increase the burst flash effect. (Light effects refer to flowing light, flashes, gradients, flames, etc. Colors refer to red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.)

New Chassis Design:

In the latest universal chassis design in 2022, the chassis can be turned on and off independently. There are accent LEDs on the chassis. The KillSwitch is added, so the battery can last for a long time. The physical battery anti-reverse protection function has been also added.


The hilt is 390mm long and 35mm in diameter

Blade length: 880 mm. Out diameter is 1 inch = 25.4 mm

Weight: 950 grams

Proffieboard V2.2

Battery: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery

Battery life: about 60 minutes

Charging time 3-4 hours (5V, 1A specification charging)

High-quality 3W high-power bass speakers.

Glowing Neopixel Connector

Customized high-strength thick-walled blade, with high-brightness LED strips, the brightness is uniform. It will not be broken, you can smash it confidently.

List of Accessories:

x1 1-inch high-strength 90cm blade (If you do not need the blade, use the "89NOBLADE" code during the checkout)

x1 Blade plug (For decoration when no blade is inserted)

x1 Battery charger (Please use a 5V 1A charging dock or a computer USB port)

x1 18650 rechargeable lithium battery

x1 A pair of gloves

x1 Hard carry case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Excellent First Saber

I recently decided to invest in a Neopixel Proffieboard saber, and that was a great decision! The saber is incredibly well made, isn’t too heavy, and has really responsive smooth swing. It’s an excellent saber to buy, I’d highly recommend it. Great job CCSabers and 89sabers, I’ll definitely be purchasing more from them in the future.

Brandon Mak
Amazing lightsaber and customer service

This is my first custom saber purchase and I could not have been more happy with the products and customer service that Carl offers. Customer service was amazing with Carl answering questions about this hilt along with being very communicative about the shipping process. The saber itself is of very good quality and I especially appreciate the removable chassis that it comes with. I would be more than happy to purchase more sabers from Carl in the future!

J White
Fantastic service and saber

A brilliantly solid saber with as realistic feel as you can get. Flawless customer service, and a quick turnaround even on a backorder item, 10/10.

Gabriel Soto
Amazing saber and great customer service

Never in my life have I seen such amazing customer service from an online store, not to even mention an online store run by a father and son. I lightsaber is light and of amazing quality. I’ll be glad to add more like this to my saber collection. Thank you ccsabers for a great experience. I’ll be now waiting on a Anakins saber.

Ben Fabian
Absolutely love it!

Beautiful, accurate and cool, just in time for Jedi: Survivor!

Dakota Rios
Excellent Quality

This is the first proffie saber I’ve owned and I am very satisfied. The hilt quality was great. Chassis design was impressive. And it got to me real fast which was the cherry on top. Really looking forward to getting some other stuff in the future.


The shipping speed was wildly fast and the saber looks great, install is very clean, and everything works as expected. No complaints, in fact I just came back for another hilt. Looking forward to it as well.

Grat saber

Let’s break the ice: the saber is gorgeous, the overseas shipping, fast. I would definetely buy again on CCsabers. Few things I didn’t like: everthing was intact and functioning, but the package was just carboard and some soft padding inside, like newspaper’s sheets. The blade was unprotected, if something occured, the blade would have been bended or damaged, I was just lucky. Buying an expensive object like that, other sellers thought to include heavy plastic personalized travel case for both blade and saber, useful to carry around once the kit is yours and “bullet proof” for the delivery. Another mention about the instructions: a simple B/W print with texts, but providing a video tutorial on yt or some pictures to better identify movements and clear every doubts, would be awesome. Last thing: in my case the proffie board is not perfectly glued to the saber, so if you have to remove the handle and put it on again, some contacts touch the handle, scratching both one to another. Anyway as I said, good experience, for a perfect one would fix all of the above small things.